Matchday 09: Jahn Regensburg vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-0

Posted: September 19, 2022 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2022-23
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Resurrecting the Dead!

source:, ©️Witters

Six games without a goal for Regensburg. Of course, we, as good Samaritans wouldn’t allow another game of them with no goal. Gave em two easy goals and brought them back from the dead. Cos this is how we look like in those 2-3 last matchdays. Necromancers. Resurrecting the dead. Dead just like Jahn Regensburg….

Early enough Sankt Pauli tries to open the score. On 3’ Paqarada on a splendid foul kick, sends the ball directly to Regensburg’s left post. Eggestein rushes for the rebound but Viet clears the ball by sending it away. Right where we thought we had the upper hand, on 8’ and after consulting the VAR, ref points the white dot after Fazliji colliding with Viet in our box a little earlier. Bit of unfair if you ask me but what the ref says is what goes. Penalty executed by Albers. Vasilj chooses the right corner but the ball barely slips his hand. 1-0 for Regensburg. Dullness in all after that. We couldn’t find our pace and it looked like we wouldn’t threaten Regensburg at all. On 23’ a corner from Hartel finds Amenyido. Amenyido’s header ends with Eggestein who tries to control. Shoots but Stojanovic has already taken position and secures the ball. On 31’ another chance for us when after Paqarada’s high pass in Regensburg’s box, Amenyido takes the shoot. Lousy shot, send high above Stojanovic’s upper post. Amenyido’s positioning didn’t help there at all. Our attempts against Regensburg were futile and weak. Regensburg wasn’t lot more active than what we were. They just took better advantage of the space we gave ’em. On 40’ and after Viet finding space, he sends a high ball between Nemeth and Medic where Albers was standing. Albers finds his way behind them and sends a header to our nets for the second time.

source:, ©️Witters

Second half underway and Matanovic who came in for Eggestein finds his way to a shot against Stojanovic on 51’. The ball is sent away by Regensburg defensives but Paqarada sends it back in their box. Matanovic goes for a header, colliding with Stojanovic who secured the ball. All good and no harm done. On 53’ Daschner goes for a distant curved shot after the pass from Matanovic. Daschner’s shot goes a bit more right than it should. Out of bounds. The pace went terribly slow after that. Mostly roaming around the mid-line and trying to start an attempt for goal but it always had two endings. Either our passes where for no one and to nowhere (the most common), or our passes were stopped by Regensburg defence. Regensburg was no better either. A bright moment was on 83’ when Metcalfe tested his foot, 20 meters away from Stojanovic. Great, precise shot but still predictable as it ended right on our former goalkeeper. Stojanovic secured it easily. On 87’ Irvine tries to send the ball away but unluckily he pushes it forward to Albers. Regensburg’s captain goes for a distant shot but Vasilj jumps and sends the ball to a corner. Nothing more to it and no other action. 4 minutes after 90’ the ref sends the players to the locker rooms.

source:, ©️Witters

Hmmm….Necromancers man…. this is our rightfully earned title so far. Bringing back the dead! Any team unable to score, can find with us an easy team to score plenty of goals. A whole different Sankt Pauli than the one of the previous season. We are the ones to lose a goal in any way possible, and on the same time, the ones to suffer a goal in any way possible. The biggest of our concerns should be our defense though. Simply terrible. Most of the goals we have suffered are just terrible defensive mistakes. Sometimes they get help from the mid-line, others from the front line but the thing is that our defense is nowhere near good anymore. Our players have a difficulty of communicating with each other and this kind of makes sense as there are so many faces in the team but c’mon man. At some point they need to start acting like one. Don’t know what Timo can do or what could work better in general but damn it…Timo has to find it. This week’s break should work as ground for thought and preparation for the game next week in Millerntor against Heidenheim. Time to start working some tactics don’t you think? Work your asses off Boys in Brown. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! ☠☠☠

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