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The absolute annual German Blind Football classic took place in Borgweg this weekend. We may have failed to defend our title (no problem, department made a lap of honor yesterday evening at Millerntor, holding two other ones 😎) but the tournament defended its reputation just fine, read more about a fully entertaining weekend below 🏴‍☠️



Dense schedule commanded an early start, FCSP Men were the 2nd in order to play, meaning 9:40 local time (brrrrrrr…) while weather wasn’t really helpful either (yeah, that “Hamburgerwetter” thing that most of you probably already know). First opponent was Wislaw Krakow from Poland and Jonathan Tönsing with 2 early goals made sure that there will be no problems. A professional win for the Boys in Brown, setting good foundations for a day that along the way was proven slightly tougher 😅

Next for us on the day, following the opening ceremony, was the first match of FCSP Women vs Sporting Cecifoot Schiltigheim or the Thoya Küster Show if you prefer 🙂 This pair of matches was actually a repetition of what happened at the beginning of September as part of the Blind Football World Grand Prix in France. The two clubs played two matches back then with a total score of 0-10 for FCSP (0-6, 0-4, 9 goals by Thoya, and 1 (her first!) for Alisa Rudi). Of course, these matches have nothing to do with competition, they are more about the joy and the spreading of the sport. In this sense, was amazing the way Thoya was enjoying the game. She had a constant smile on her face (the true thing, not the 1910 smiles of Mats) all along the match, no matter what was happening on the pitch. Just for the record, FCSP won 3-0 with 3 goals from Thoya. What’s interesting but not surprising here is the constant development that anyone watching the squad can easily see. Leave aside the Wonder Girl Thoya, she’s now 16 but she’s playing with the big guys since the age of 13 (won’t forget the spectacle of her trying to claim balls from that Beast Dan English (one of the biggest in size and skills players around) back in England 2019 for the Brian Aarons Cup 😅), you can see differences even in this brand new squad. Back in June when they first appeared (as national team of Germany with a few additions) it was only about Thoya and the ball to her as soon as possible. It’s not this way anymore, you can see all girls slowly finding their steps, expect big things from them in the times to come. It’s the same way of development we have seen with the Men, the work that converted in 2-3 years Jonathan Tönsing from a squad addition to the deadly weapon that every defense should fear, no matter who they are and has created a squad with 4 or 5 world class players. They don’t speak a lot at Borgweg, they prefer to work instead 😎


She just got rid of everybody and scored the opener, happy days!

As implied earlier, the rest of the day wasn’t as easy for the Men as the beginning. Two goalless draws in the next two games vs France U23 and AC Crema from Italy, with both games following almost the same scenario. Full scale attack from the very beginning, total domination over the game and in both cases the opposite keepers being the MVPs. If there’s a slight difference here, it’s about the French youth being a little more physical than the Italian crew, there were a few fouls that should have been awarded to FCSP. Interesting fact is that this wasn’t only about us, there were 6 (SIX, if not mistaken) consecutive goalless draws yesterday. This appears to be the result of two factors: the weather that was anything but friendly with all consequences on the pitch along with the high level of all squads participating which resulted in lots of really tight games (there was also passion involved, have a look below)

Last match of the day for us, vs Merseyside BFC from England, was equally tough. We were again better, we had our chances (even though not as many as in the previous two matches), only this time the answer was found by Rasmus Narjes with only a couple of minutes left on the clock, giving the 1-0 victory to FCSP, something that was celebrated accordingly on full time 🙂

Celebration you said? That was peanuts comparing to what happened in the evening with the lap of honor in front of almost 30 thousand spectators in Millerntor at half time! Standing ovation for the small parade, led by the Girls holding the European Championship won with Germany back in June and followed by the Men’s team with the Bundesliga plate and here we’ll say what we always say in such occasion. This is not good enough Oke and Co, find a proper place for these trophies to be exposed, as we had the chance to see yesterday evening at half time, even eSports (FFS!) have their own small but cozy space in there…



Sunday started 9 o’clock with the last 3 matches of the Men Group Stage and us…the very first to go vs Avoy MU Brno from the Czech Republic. Fog, heavy rain at the end and, regarding temperature, we don’t really want to know 😅 Another 0-0, we were again better than the opponent but not as dominant as on Saturday, we had our opportunities but Brno didn’t feel the pressure that the French and Italian did. No worries though, 9pts out of 5 games that would probably earn us a top spot and a good draw for the semis, even though we never give a damn about who the opponent is.

Girls took their spots once again vs Schiltigheim at 11:00. It was more or less as expected until early in the 2nd half when Thoya Küster got knocked down (nothing serious eventually, get well soon 🙂👍) following a collision on the pitch and had to go out. A different game afterwards, FCSP Women still better on the pitch but in a game that was looking much more balanced, without Thoya creating panic every time he had the ball 😅 Match eventually ended with 2-0 and everybody in the pitch looking happy, including our opponents. Won’t say anything else about this brand new team taking shape at Borgweg, some things were said already above (Saturday section) and there will be a more to talk about in the future, just a “very well done” and “thank you” to the Girls in Brown.


Bloody Hell… Nothing serious however, she’s probably just fine by the time this is composed 😎

As expected, we ended top of the group and got to play AC Crema in the 2nd Semifinal. For some reason the order of the semifinals was reversed and we aligned on the pitch at 12:00 to play the game. At some point in the beginning, Doom hit the broadcast in the form of some overheated equipment and stream went completely down, regardless the brave efforts of Michael over there. Of course, this didn’t affect the squad at the slightest, the Boys in Brown this time found the way they couldn’t find yesterday and with 2 goals by Jonathan Tönsing and Rasmus Narjes managed to go through to the final.

Lots of efforts to restore the streaming issues, eventually at some point they were successful, weather finally chilled out, allowing more people to come to Borgweg (a good crowd in the Final), including even…Timo Schultz. That wasn’t really expected, cheers Coach ✊🏾☠️


Coach with Millernton Maik

Off then to the Big Game of the weekend, actually a repetition of last year’s final (we had won 1-0, same score as yesterday, you can find more details here) only this time, things evolved a little different. Merseyside BFC stood their ground without aligning the bus in front of the posts and even though we had the initiative, they found they way to the goal thanks to their Captain Roy Turnham who crossed the entire pitch and before he gets really deep into our arch, tried a brilliant shot that were very little that our keeper, Sven Gronau, could do about. Nothing really much happened until the end of the half who found Merseyside leading 1-0. We tried to earn more space in the 2nd but we managed to do so only for the last 10′ of the game. Pressure escalated, there were lots of chances towards the end but either the ball didn’t want to go in or their keeper was in place. Eventually time ran out and Merseyside partied for the trophy with the full time whistle.


The goal that decided the final

Nice stuff after the end of the game and during the award ceremony with the local crowd not only applauding but even shouting “Merseyside” a couple of times (our people in the squad did too), closing another weekend from the ones we know and love. Would be even better if the weather was a little more helpful and was allowing more people to attend the games throughout the entire weekend, nevertheless, there was a really good crowd in the final and during certain times in the weekend, lots of them actually were quite familiar faces, an indication that FCSP Bli-Fu has gained a small, to begin with, but dedicated fanbase, expecting more of them next year 😎 Before we close, again a big thanks to Michael for organizing the streaming coverage and probably having a quite stressful time today when things stopped working. Thanks Michael for the efforts and thanks Coaching crew, guides, Men/Women squads and everyone surrounding the department for having made this department what it is, see you hopefully soon ☠️☠️☠️

Results and highlights



Full day material



Last group games

Women’s 2nd Leg

Semi finals and 5th place game missing, 3rd place game, final, award ceremony

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