Matchday 11: Eintracht Braunschweig vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-1…

Posted: October 9, 2022 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2022-23
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Well deserved

source:, ©️Witters

Of course it is… When you’re playing against one of the weakest opponents in the league, getting somehow the upper hand but you eventually manage to screw things up and leave the place empty handed, without having the ref or anyone else aside yourself to blame, this probably means that something is rotten in the state of Denmark

BIG match, not only in terms of point significance but also in terms of prestige. For anyone not aware, Eintracht is one of the filthiest clubs around in terms of values. To get a first idea, you can just have a look at the sticker below, for anyone want to go further, some research on the EBS “Original Ultras” and what eventually happened to them could provide “spectacular” results… An appointment not to be missed and the more than 2000 Brown White visitors honored it, despite all impediments occurred due to a total malfunction of the railways over there for reasons probably far beyond the scope of this post. Everybody there then and a “something’s finally gotta give” feeling all over the air…

Looks like we started on the good path but no one really can’t tell as, with only 5′ on the clock, Jackson Irvine (whose participation was the the hot potato of the week before the match) had a head collision with Benkovic (survived, Irvine is also well, returned at the bench a little later), something that completely changed the game before it even starts. Our first good chance on 9′ with a Hartel shot from within the box which ended well over Fejzic‘s posts, a double substitution on 10’ (Metcalfe for Irvine, Dzwigala for Nemeth), a Matanovic attempt under pressure on 17′ and then FCSP radio silence for some time… EBS‘ first serious appearance in the game came on 18’, Donkor cross from the left, not the best possible clearance by Vasilj, direct rebound shot by incoming Marx, fortunately Smith was there to (probably) save the day with a tackle. More of EBS on the pitch, not many ideas from our side, next one an almost own goal by Medic on 22′ which fortunately never happened, ball eventually ended just by Vasilj‘s right post. More on 34’, with a smashing 18m EBS free kick that fortunately went right on Vasilj. Didn’t kill him, Vasilj deflected the shot and Saliakas (Sky Sports people, it’s Saliakas, not Saliakas), first on the rebound, cleared the ball to Hell. Towards the end of the half it appeared like we’re balancing the game, not much really happened, some meters gained, a little more ball position and a Matanovic unlucky header on 40′, mainly (pale) promises for the 2nd half.

2nd half underway, another unlucky Matanovic header on 49′ and the chance of the game for EBS on 55′! Ujah took Dzwigala‘s (last man standing) Id behind the middle of the pitch (on their side) and stormed ahead all alone, hunted by some brown jerseys from distance. He entered the box facing only Vasilj, he took his time, aimed…and sent the ball to Vasilj‘s left post, needless to say that, in the seconds before the shot, I was personally certain that this is over… Didn’t go in, we survived to live another day, we balanced the game and brought it to a deadlock with very few things happening until 68’ when…BOOOOOOMMM!!! Saliakas the culprit (τι έκανες ρε μάστορααα!!!) with a 25m (maybe more) nuclear missile which no one expected that he will attempt. Well, Manos did it and bombed EBS‘ posts, driving the entire guest block and any white brown wackos around bananas! 0-1 FCSP on 68′ and now we should take control and finish the job, right? No my friend, things don’t work that way with FCSP… 9’ of retreat accompanied mostly by substitutions and cards (EBS went “a little more physical” than allowed, fuck off (again) Marx) and, with this and that, we reached 77′ with Ihorst having the ball on the right flank guarded by Medic. He converged all the way (a long way) to the box like Medic is not there, lift the head, saw incoming Pherai, passed the ball and Pherai (in on 70′, enough time to execute us), observed by 3-4 brown jerseys, just finished the job… FCSP tried to repair the damage, we had a couple of shots worthy of mention (Hartel 81′ – a little off Fejzic‘s left post, Hartel 86′ – Fejzic to corner, Daschner 87′ – sidenetted on Fejzic‘s right side), none of them paid back and we eventually reached 94’ disappointed for having not managed a win for the 7th consecutive game. Disappointment you said? Try what happened, following Pherai‘s 2nd goal on 94’…

Saliakas‘ magic moment unfortunately not enough (source:, ©️Witters)

Leaving aside the bitterness of losing to this bunch, let’s talk football… You know something? Forget the 94′ occasion, shit like that can happen at any given point with ball inside the box. Problem is not there, problem is with all the things that led us to the 94′ occasion. Lots of big talk about becoming big etc., etc. (we are in serious danger of starting sounding like H$V) but eventually almost nothing on the pitch. A squad with very few ideas (take note, we weren’t playing Bayern yesterday) on how to find the ways in. It was mostly about distant shots (not a bad idea – after all, Saliakas‘ goal came from such and attempt but you need more than that in a football game, you can’t get everything in) and crosses. And when finally we got our break, how did we respond? We fucked up in the very first challenge, equalizer is monument of bad defending, not only because of Medic‘s YSP Football For All style (there is done on purpose, to underline the non-competitive character of the game) defending but for our entire defensive behavior when they made it in from the right, everybody saw Pherai coming…except our defense… No creative ideas, no people capable of taking the team on their shoulders and make the difference (if yesterday was supposed to be Irvine, we got unlucky but squads need more than one anyway) and no stability at the back (some observed an improvement last week, they were a little too fast), this is not what the (super ambitious) Club promised us, where do we go from here?

…to play H$V (currently top of the table and in really good shape, regardless last night’s home draw vs FCK) next Friday at Millerntor. You want some positive approach? OK then… Can’t remember ourselves looking so messed up right before a derby (regardless of what happened afterwards). We are the absolute underdog here, odds say that we’re going to be brutally beaten. Still it’s a bloody derby, a match where everything can happen (don’t ask how, this is football). Beating the odds on Friday, aside surprising everybody (including ourselves, Timo DON’T YOU DARE, in case of a win, saying that you were expecting it at the press conference 🤣) could provide a huge boost to the squad, giving us maybe the momentum to get a couple of more along the way before the break and end up at a relatively “safe” position then. Not sure that we can ask for more at this stage, unfortunately it seems like we don’t possess the qualities to demand it. Let’s take things step by step, starting from Friday, fingers crossed, FORZA SANKT PAULI!!! ☠☠☠

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