Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli vs FC Midtjylland 0-0

Posted: January 21, 2023 by Zouz in 2023, News
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This one didn’t look good but don’t bother (yet)


Last test before returning to the league for the second (and most crucial) part and this one didn’t look as good as the previous one. There will be very few things to remember from today, however as most of us know and common sense commands, these matches are not a reliable measure of what’s eventually going to happen. Hopefully the ones who needed to extract some conclusions did so, now on to the real thing next weekend 🏴‍☠️

A brief depiction of our opponent could help here. Midtjylland are indeed a string squad, they’re playing in Danish top tier, they’re not doing really good so far in the season in the league but they’re still in Europe, playing vs Sporting Lisbon in February, Thing to be considered is that their first game in Europe is their first official game for 2023. Match is taking place 16/2, meaning that this squad is theoretically still far from being ready.

Can’t have a solid opinion on what happened in the 1st half, part between 23′ and 41′ was missed as result of a Wi-Fi failure, which affected the broadcast (this is interesting, more at the end). Up to this point FCSP appeared to have problems vs Midtjylland. We had problems both with their offensive pressing at the back and finding corridors to their end from the midfield and forward. There are two notable occasions, both of them during the streaming blackout, watched in half time. One for us, a Saliakas shot on their crossbar (28′) and one for them, a majestic Vasilj screw up (29′ not completely his own, the problems mentioned above) for which we fortunately didn’t pay the price.

2nd half, one of the same and a little worse. Same problems at the back and almost nothing at the front, can only recall two shots – one by Paqarada (58′, outside the box, to the left, saved easily to corner) and one by Hartel (68′, from within the box, blocked), nothing else to remember. Some moves here and there are not the thing a fan expects at this stage but, as said again and again, these games are not for us. Midtjylland expressed both during and after the game, certain complaints, regarding our style of play (too “physical”). Nothing further to keep from a tasteless afternoon, aside an overall solid defense and the reopening of Millerntor.

In the same manner we didn’t jump off our seats when we scored 7 against the drunk Swiss mob and even more when we won Gladbach last week, we won’t go into depression mode now. Now that the break is over, asking us if we seen anything groundbreaking, the reply would be certainly “no”, just some good things that we have seen before on the pitch and an unexpectedly good 1st half vs Gladbach but all this doesn’t really matter. What matters is what is going to happen from now on, starting from our away trip to play FCN next week. Not sure how ready we’re, we’re still adding pieces to the puzzle, we even had a transfer this week (welcome Oladapo Afolayan 😎), thing is that ready or not, what happens from now on counts. Everybody behind the squad now to secure our further presence in Liga 2 and, after season is over, we can look again back and say more. Everybody ready, 51 points still available, we need less than half of them (23) to reach the magic 40, we’ll settle with 30 in order to have a relaxed end of season, forza Sankt Pauli 😎✊🏾🏴‍☠️


Before we go and enjoy our last carefree weekend, a few words on today’s streaming. We were informed midweek that match will be broadcasted by the Club YouTube channel and Sky Sports News (the latter never happened). Broadcast looked really organized at the beginning, lots of cameras, the AFM Radio crew on commentary, only this “FCP” and that dark purple color in the stats was looking a little weird but whatever. Stream collapses on 23′ and, after some grief, word gets out on social media that, aside our failed broadcast, there is also a Danish stream from some cable channel. Turns out that the broadcast was theirs all along (apologies if mistaken but I don’t recall it mentioned along the week) and all we had to do was to take their signal and pass it to YouTube, the presence of a sponsor suggests actually that we probably got some money to “support” this. Of course we failed to do even that and the day was saved by the original stream (Club stream was restored shortly before 2nd half but there was no will to take further chances). In other older times where Club was a mess, we would simply smile with that but this is not the case anymore, there are people in the board who feel really comfortable calling FCSP a “mid-sized corporate organization” and are serious about it (technically is true). Well…in the corporate world, the absence of an essential infrastructure and the lack of any contingency solution in order to keep “doing business” in the event of a technical failure would be considered simply a fiasco. There are no ifs and buts, service was down for 22′ out of 90′ and the funfact is that the cost of having the extra resources in place to avoid such a thing can be probably less than the money we invest in things like eSports… Thought seriously about leaving this part outside but the fact that, while our stream was down, Club (aware of course of an alternative stream) kept silent about it, was simply the cherry on the pie – want to call yourselves professionals, then organize things and behave accordingly…

The whole match can be found in two parts below

1st  part (1′-23′)

2nd  part (25′-90′)

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