Matchday 21: FC Magdeburg vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-2

Posted: February 20, 2023 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2022-23
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Looks like the win streak keeps going for the Boys in Brown. Magdeburg scored first but Sankt Pauli struck like a viper twice and laid their poor body to the ground, in split seconds. This is the winner’s attitude we so much wanted our Boys to have and it looks like we’ve found our way to it!

First half underway and Sankt Pauli breaks the silence. On 13’ Afolayan frees himself from Magdeburg’s defensives after a nice sprint and sends the ball downtown to Metcalfe. Our Australian shoots but his shot ends a bit more to the left than it should. One moment later, on 14’, Paqarada on a free kick sends the ball to Hartel. Hartel controls exquisitely but goes for a terrible shot off target, in front of Reimann. Magdeburg answered on 17 with a quick attack and a shot from Kwarteng. Vasilj though falls true and saves our nets. Midline battles mostly after that and a game kind of split between the two teams. Until 39’. Sankt Pauli brings the ball in from the side and a pass is sent to Fazliji. Fazliji slips and Condé steals the ball, sending it to Atik who shoots nicely and opens the score for Magdeburg. A goal out of nowhere that sends the teams to the lockers with Magdeburg having the upper hand.

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Second half underway and Sankt Pauli looks kind of stiff. This allows Magdeburg to attempt a second goal. On 52’ Kwarteng sends a pass to El Hankouri who shoots untroubled but Vasilj falls true and secures the ball. We kinda woke up after that. On 55’ Paqarada sends a high pass to where Maurides stands, catching a nice header. Weak though, ending directly to Reimann’s hands. Vasilj saves our nets yet again on 66’ after Atik sneaking a pass to Castaignos. A dangerous one on one won by our keeper. On 72’ Maurides once again after a nice pass from Daschner has all the space he needs. A terrible shot though, sent way higher than Reimann’s high post. On 74’ though, Irvine sets things straight. Corner from Paqarada and our Australian, higher than anyone, catches a nice header and evens the score. Reimann unable to react there, simply watches the ball lick the inside of his nets. The heat is brought to Magdeburg’s box. Sankt Pauli would not let the three points slip out of their hands. The clock shows 88’ and Hartel with the ball at his feet, dribbles and sneaks a nice pass to Medic. Medic shoots nicely sending the ball to Reimann’s nets for the second time.

source:, ©️Witters

Patience, sticking to the game plan, persistence and determination is what led to this victory. Magdeburg scored first but this time we did not lose our cool or get sloppy. We pushed forward and we scored back at them twice. The winner’s attitude man. Knowing that one way or another, you’re not leaving the field unless you win. This is what we’ve been missing all this time and this 4/4 win streak is helping us build it up. This Sunday it is us against those nazi worshiping pigs from Rostock. We’ll be in Millerntor along with our brothers from Chania and our Athenian comrades. Vibes high enough to destroy those fascist scum of Hansa Rostock. FORZA SANKT PAULI!!!

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