Matchday 24: FC Sankt Pauli vs SpVgg Greuther Fürth 2-1

Posted: March 14, 2023 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2022-23
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Can’t stop the Train! 

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7 games and 7 wins. You can’t stop the train man. No way. Sankt Pauli made the comeback no one expected and it was time for Fürth to enter Millerntor and leave humiliated. It’s the winner’s attitude we’ve been discussing for so long! We weren’t actually this much better than Greuther but one way or another we’d come out of this with the three points of victory.

Early enough, Fürth shows aggressiveness in the field with Ache. It is 5’ and John steals the ball taking advantage of the ball bouncing on Saliakas. Sends to Ache who shoots but luckily finds no target. On 6’ though Hrgota enters our box again with no one able to stop him. Ball changes many of Fürth’s players and ends up with Ache who shoots and sneaks the ball beside Vasilj and into our nets. As if this wasn’t enough, on 10’, Asta sends a distant pass to Ache who shoots and doubles the goals for Greuther. Caught offside though and the goal was rightfully cancelled. It was about time for us though to answer. 13’ and Afolayan sends to Irvine who stands in the middle just outside Fürth’s box. Irvine passes it on to Saliakas who shoots heavily and evens the score. Midline battles with the action kind of spit to the both teams until 31’ when Raschl sends a shot a lot higher than he should. The first half ends in the best way possible. 45’ and Daschner steals the ball from Jung. Jung in his attempt to take the ball back, brings Daschner down illegally. Red card for Jung as he foul played against the last player from us and a while after that the players are sent to the lockers.

Second half underway and after a pass from Saliakas on 46’, Daschner shoots but his shot is weak, making it easy for Linde to block. On 49’, a defensive sloppiness from us leaves our nets exposed once again. Ache shoots but Vasilj blocks it. On 55’ though, Afolayan shuts off the switch for Fürth. The ball is in the air, inside Greuther’s box. Afolayan places himself perfect between two of Fürth’s defensives and shoots on the spot, doubling the goals for Sankt Pauli. On 59’ Paqarada goes for a heavy shot but Linde is place well, blocking the shot. Sankt Pauli dominated the rest of the game mostly keeping the ball in the midline but always aiming in Fürth’s box. On 81’ Maurides sees yellow for telling Griesbeck he should not talk bad to Irvine, in a non-polite way. Shoved him to the goal post and of course he was lucky he didn’t see red. Griesbeck looked like he learnt his lesson though…The moment list stops at 90’+3 with another great shot from Paqarada getting blocked by Linde.

The team is building up confidence. The win streak stays intact and this gives us a bigger motivation than just gaining points. Keeping the win streak alive, is reason enough for the Boys in Brown to maintain this aggressiveness they have in the games. Staying behind in the score and turning the game in your favor is something big teams with character do. We’ve been missing this element from our gameplay and luckily we seem to be finding our way to it. We weren’t so much better if we wanna be true to ourselves but we had attitude that Greuther was nowhere near. This Sunday we visit Sandhausen in a game that is supposed to be an easy one against a team that is last in the table. We have proven though that these supposedly easy games are the ones we need to be afraid of. Let’s keep the win streak alive shall we? Vibes on and FORZA SANKT PAULI!! ☠️☠️☠️

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