Blind Football: Season 2023, Match weekend 1

Posted: April 17, 2023 by Zouz in Blind Football
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The future is here!

Opening match weekend for the reigning Bundesliga champions (aaah…fills your mouth just saying it 😁) and the aftertaste maybe a little different than expected before the weekend but the way things eventually turned out and the conclusions drawn make the whole thing even sweeter. What do we mean? Keep reading 😇🏴‍☠️

Schedule included two matches for us in the opening weekend, Borussia Dortmund on Saturday and SG Düsseldorf/Köln on Sunday. (Scum) Predictions were about a maybe not so easy victory on Saturday and a much easier afternoon on Sunday. However when became known along the week that we’re going to Stuttgart without our bigger weapons (Tönsing, Narjes, Versen, the latter was able to make it but eventually there was limited time for Celebi, not sure if there were issues with him too) it became apparent to anyone involved that things are not going to be that easy

Saturday: FCSP vs Borussia Dortmund 2-1

Squad selected by Wolf Schmidt for the match was as follows: Matze Gutzmann (keeper), Paulinho Ruge, Hippo Versen, Thoya Küster and…Michael Löffler (welcome back!), Jonas Dawid was the guide for both matches. This turned out to be a BIG match and Borussia played also their part in it – really good squad, having at least two top class players, Satay and Fuhrmann, with a little more improvement they will probably raise some serious claims in the Liga soon (be the 4th contender) and make it even more exciting.

Game was intense all along, with us being slightly better in the pitch but Borussia feeling and playing as an equal, both keepers got really busy and reduced the score in low levels, lots of situations in front of both nets. What eventually made the difference was Paul Ruge, with two goals (one in each half) and I don’t know how many attempts which were stopped by the superhuman BVB keeper. Borussia managed to equalize shortly before the end of the half thanks to a classy Satay goal, so the game was tight and intense up to the very end, full time whistle was celebrated like a championship by the Brown White crew 😎✊🏾🏴‍☠️

Saturday highlights

Sunday: FCSP vs SG Düsseldorf/Köln 2-0

This was supposed to be easier and it had to be, as it was found out shortly before kick off that the Köln branch of the opponent coalition is…a police squad (since 1922). Of course blind football is not pro football but…you know 😅

Squad started with Svenja Bartels (keeper), Hippo Versen, Serdal Celebi, Thoya Küster and our Noble Giant Mikel Preul 🙂, however there was a little more rotation here with Michael Löffler and Paul Ruge taking also their participation merit in the 1st half. We stumbled again on a good keeper who denied all FCSP goal demands and managed to keep a clean sheet for the 1st half. Redemption came eventually in the 2nd (their keeper again MVP) and the way it happened is probably the thing that we should keep from the weekend. Gordian knot was cut by Thoya, scoring finally and after so much effort her first ever goal in the Bundesliga! Scenes of mad celebrations followed the goal, something absolutely fair, history got written there. And it gets even better, match was locked with a goal by…Natan Werner! Never heard of him? Don’t feel embarrassed, 14 years old, first ever game in the Bundesliga and first goal at the same time! And you know something? This kid was born ready, check the highlights below, in a few years he will be terrorizing the opposition Tönsing style (“Oh God, he’s coming!”), our next Bli-Fu star and, the way we’re going, we’ll be qualified as a Galaxy soon 😎 The fact that similar to Thoya scenes followed the goal doesn’t even have to be mentioned 😇🏴‍☠️

Sunday highlights


Missing Jonathan Tönsing and Rasmus Narjes but having Thoya Küster and Natan Werner winning the Bundesliga match for you – priceless 😊 Work on youth and development at its best and the Scum Crystal Ball reveals a Brown White dynasty in the years to come. Really love watching this squad, it’s not only about excelling in the pitch or watching youth developing, it’s also about the joy of the game with everyone taking time in the pitch and having the chance to enjoy the game and this is probably the biggest medal that Wolf and the rest of the staff should be awarded. Speaking now Bundesliga-wise, what anyone can say? This was an absolute success, a 2/2 including a quite tough opponent without our two Top Guns, the biggest possible promise in view of the rest of the season.

Looking forward to more of it, Blind Football is back, Forza Sankt Pauli 👊🏾🏴‍☠️

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