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Above all……Attitude

Debut game for Markus Kauczinski sitting on the Sankt Pauli bench. Our beloved Soridon was up for renovations (a freakin’ barbecue facility at last, right Greg??…Hahahahahahahahahaha). So anyway our joint was busy, so we visited our fellow comrades in the Athens Club , downtown, to watch the game together. Have to admit I’ve never been to their joint since a long time. Their new place in Locomotiva (moved upstairs before a huge flat screen TV)  is really exquisite I have to say. Not precisely what I’d say about the game though. Not good, not bad, it’s just that the attitude of some players seems a bit out of the team for a reason. Let me explain.



We had it coming!

source: © Witters

It should have been sweet. It should have been us with the three points now but noooo sir. No way. We had to make our lives interesting in a bad way. Cos I don’t think there’s anyone out there that truly believed, Greuther Fürth could harm us in any way. Especially this particular Greuther Fürth whose technical director is none other than our former master of disaster, Mr Rachid Azzouzi , whose skills are brighter than the brighter star (Ooohahahahahohohoh). Their position in the ranks proves our saying (Second last). What happened in  the game proved that arrogance is a punishable sin.



Saturday Matchday is combined with super fast running after work to the subway, hoping to make it to  the first train with no delay, aiming for a quick change on the second train and then running all the way from the station til Soridon where everyone awaits for the first whistle of the game hoping for the three points after two ties (Noooot!).



Having no fear for the away matches, no matter how tough the opponent is and on the other hand, being in a position where we could easily loose an inside game from any possible village/local team that happened to visit Millerntor, is a Paradox  Sankt Pauli has sweated upon creating  over the last few years. So this Sunday we were not scared. Away match against Braunschweig? Ha….Yeah right. Bring it.


Not even a scratch!

Saturday-Tuesday and Saturday again. A typical Soridon gathering for the Scum. After suffering a devastating defeat from and then coming back to victories against , we are more certain than ever that anything can happen.  With an open mind we sat, ordered and waited for the best against the first team in the ranks so far.


What the Fuck….

Second game this week for our beloved brown white squad.  The game on Monday against Nürnberg was the part of us being bad but lucky enough to take the three points. Saturday’s game was the part of us still being bad but paying the price.


Hurt but still dangerous!

Monday night game is always hard damn it. The working schedule is so tight that usually makes it impossible. This Monday though everything worked and here we are marching to Soridon for the usual. Beer and Sankt Pauli. Damn it can it get any better?


Buzzer Beater

A Saturday game at last. Damn it things have gotten really tight for the Scum squad as one of us is abroad for work and the rest working crazy hours. The team needs us there though and games can’t be missed. This Saturday against Heidenheim was the perfect time to catch up. Two lost games in a row. One in DFB Pokal against Paderborn and the other against Darmstadt for the liga. This couldn’t go on.