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This is the aftertaste of such a trip. On one hand you have the friends, the shots, the beers and all the atmosphere you get when visiting Sankt Pauli and on the other you have all the shit that took place in the field being a big black stain to the entire trip.



Killer Instinct!

Inside Paderborn baby. Yeah!!! This is how we rock damn it. Not an easy match at all though. Paderborn was tough and threatened on many occasions. The winner attitude of FCSP though couldn’t not miss these three points. The Boys in Brown proved all the U-Turn chit-chat we were talking bout in the previous match game, to be true.


The Boys Are Back in Town

We so much needed this damn it. Not only to keep us high in the ranks, but also to bring our moral back to where it was right before the winter break. The latest results where bad enough for us and this game against Ingolstadt (two former FCSP players on basic 11) was an opportunity for a big U-turn.


Lost for Words!!!

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It is obvious that the second part of the season hasn’t started as fierce as the first one ended. Bad results and  bad calls in general, defensive and offensive, have led us to yet another defeat in this second round. This time against Erzgebirge Aue who has been our demon needing to be exorcised. 13 games since 2011 and only one victory. The aura was there, the vibes were there but this was just not good enough even though we had an early opener. Didn’t happen this time. Read below…



What a season finale man…Really never thought it would end this way, but then again…Why not?  Magdeburg scumbags are barely alive and they thought Millerntor would be a U-Turn in their lousy game play? Well, Sankt Pauli is third in the ranks and trust me….This is not by chance. Magdeburg tasted what Millerntor looks like when it is angry. First half was kinda split but the second half was all bout Sankt Pauli beating the shit out of them. And, from what they pulled after the end of the game (laterzzz…), I believe they deserved more…


Yeah baby! Bring it On!!!

Forzaaaa SANKT PAULI….. A train that demolishes any obstacle is what we’ve become. A split first half where both teams proved worthy and a demolishing second half with Sankt Pauli proving their winner attitude, against Bochum, in a game where the odds were against us we left with the three points of victory in our pockets. Lacking players in the basic eleven, with Miyaichi and Kalla being called to fill in the gaps, Sankt Pauli proved that we are not high in the ranks just by accident. Read below.



Sunday match day against Regensburg. I’d say Sankt Pauli has gotten us a bit spoiled lately. And why not right? We’ve proven to be worthy of the high positions in the ranks. The winning attitude’n’all, so the least we’d expect out of such a game would be to see Sankt Pauli having the upper hand  and why not? Take the three points out of it. Got close enough to the second but seems that our inner demons won’t let us catch a break.


Almost there baby!

Typical Saturday match day for Sankt Pauli. Standards are high now and we expected nothing less than what we saw. Maybe some of us had higher expectations than a tie but then again…with a first half of complete Sankt Pauli domination and a second one of shared opportunities and goals, we’d say that everyone got satisfied in the end. One point is better than none and we’re still high In the ranks.