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Scum views: Well done…

Posted: October 16, 2013 by sidkaya in Other..., Society
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Well done to the government. Well done to the judges. Well done to the police. Well done to the media. Well done to the “leftists” and “rightists”. Well done to everyone for re-discovering the wheel. Our congratulations for discovering after 26 years that the golden dawn is not a political party but Hitler’s bastards. A fascist organisation that deals with the cultivation of racism, murders, blackmails, protections, attacks against immigrants, leftists, workers, homosexuals etc. Tragicomic  situations or, better expressed in Greek, “ΓΕΛΑΕΙ Ο ΚΟΣΜΟΣ…” (as my friend Gregory would say). Screw them all…



Fascist scum (NOT Scum!) are trying quite hardly to propagate their rotten beliefs in any way throughout Athens’ southern suburbs lately. Thankfully, their effort to shed their poison in the region, does not seem to find fertile ground, thanks to effective resistance and reaction (at any cost), by fellow comrades/competitors plus a good slice of the local “public opinion” which slowly begins to awaken from its lethargy…


Fun by the beach!


For one more Sunday, this time in one of the most “hostile” areas of Attica, round 8 of the Athens Antifa League took place, at Kountouriotis coast…



Great moments at Alepotrypa fournace on Saturday, May 25th. A  “Friendship and Solidarity” international friendly match was held between Asteras Exarcheion and Spartak Istanbul from Turkey. (Although there was some concern about the start time of the game, everything OK)