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“Que sera, sera,

whatever will be will be,

the champions of Germany,

FC St. Pauli!”

Wait… does the above sound a copy of last year’s post? Yeah, of course it is, we left it exactly as it was and changed just the picture. And you know what? We’re going to do it again next year, and again on 2024, and so on and so forth. We’re building a dynasty here and, unless we shoot our feet, we’re going do the threepeat next season and there are certainly more to come. In case anyone’s has any doubts about it, keep reading…


DFB pokal draw 2022-23 round 1

2nd round draw is complete and the outcome is SC Freiburg, currently on top of the Bundesliga. This doesn’t sound of course like the ideal draw but things are the way they are so let’s look at the positive side of things. Alright, there’s no such side 😅 Let’s do this the old way then, talk about challenges, how much can one benefit a squad and all the opportunities hidden behind. In fact, this doesn’t sound that bad when you leave the crap out. We have nothing to lose (except some extra cash), let’s just go there and try to rob the house 😎🤘🏾☠️


Simply not good enough

source:, ©️Witters

As it reads above, FCSP simply wasn’t up to par with the occasion and paid a fair price for it. First defeat in the league and middle of the table, something of course not really significant at this stage. What’s more significant is that the same weaknesses appear again and again, while some of the questions which arose upon the “cleansing” of the squad haven’t been answered yet. Whatever, it’s still August…


Match weekend (it’s not matchday like in the header but yeah, whatever) 3 at Gelsenkirchen and the Brown White (OK, there was also grey involved) Pirate Armada did what was required and, thanks to other results (more below), has now already established a comfortable lead in the title race, Scum Crystal Ball foresees the trophy coming again in Hamburg on September 17th 😇🏴‍☠️


Timo Schultz season III, ignition

In front of a colorful (but not completely full, 28.582) Millerntor the very first signs of 2022-23 were revealed. Are we happy? Considering the result of course we are, having done that end of April we would probably play Bundesliga this season (of course they had again a goal on injury time, it just wasn’t enough 😇). Now when it comes to what we saw on the pitch, let’s say that there are mixed, hence confusing, feelings 😎☠️

Dress rehearsal vs Celtic, July 2014

Today, under normal circumstances, we would have our dress rehearsal in Millerntor and everybody could finally have a good idea of how FCSP 2022-23 will look like. Unfortunately, it appears that this season’s “squeezed” (🤬🤬🤬) calendar made this impossible. Add the inability to broadcast the game and there you have it, next week will be the most exciting premiere of the past years. Not only clueless about the opponent but clueless about us as well. Bring on the popcorn…