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Finally!!! Sweat and effort of many years were paid back, FCSP Blind football climbed at the top by prevailing over our eternal demon, SF BG Marburg, after penalty shoot-out, earlier at Halle. Bundesliga champions 2017!!! Of course this was anything but easy to achieve but in the end we were the most focused team in the pitch and we managed to rob the house and leave with the goods. Congratulation boys, a few words on the game and a few more follow below 🙂


Big game, tough luck, fine experience 🙂 


Having arrived in Hamburg for a “social occasion” (a.k.a. St. Pauli Skinheads 20th anniversary 😀 ) got informed that FCSP Blind Football department has a full scheduled weekend in town. As a fan club here, we follow as much as we can the entire spectrum of our amateur departments and blind football happens to be one of our favorites, so there was not even a snowball in Hell chance that I would leave Hamburg without having watched at least one match…




Scum FCSP amateur department tour going on and this time we’re absolutely delighted to have with us one of the  departments (the other is Torball, hopefully coming up in the future) that, for reasons obvious enough to be mentioned here, are considered in a sense unique within the Brown White family. Please stand up and pay your respect to the heroes of FCSP Blind Football!