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Landing on base yesterday night, I fell on a Twitter conversation between brown white comrades, discussing about the ability of having some kind of FCSP calendar warnings on their mobile phones, in order to be able to catch up with the latest brown white developments 😉 This is something actually quite easy and straightforward to do, so here we attach a small tutorial of a solution using Google Calendar. Sample calendar used (what else?), the essential Der Übersteiger calendar 😀



S.E.S Ball

It’s that time of the year again 🙂 New season gameplan out and strategic planning time for the brown white travelling junkies all around. One thing you should know is (<copy paste from last season section>) that, as usual, there are no specific dates/times at this point, it’s all conceptual at a match weekend level. This means that anybody who’s planning a trip at this stage should book at least from early Friday to early Tuesday (</copy paste from last season section>)

Tricky midweek matchdays: 6th (20./21.09.2016) and 27th (04./05.04.2017). Full FCSP schedule can be found directly below, have all a good season boys and girls! Now, back to Summer Slumber 😀


Bundesliga 2015-16

New season is on for good with the announcement of the 2015/16 gameplan. As usual no specific dates/times at this point, it’s all conceptual at a match weekend level. This means that anybody who’s planning a trip at this stage should book at least from early Friday to early Tuesday. Watch out also for some midweek matchdays like the 8th (traveller trap), middle of September. The full FCSP schedule can be found below. A prosperous, creative and happy (at the end) season to everybody!



We’re officialy into the new season with the announcement of the draft (as usual) fixtures table. As always, not really helpful for anybody interested in booking, since no exact days are defined inside (they’re expected in waves along the course of the league), still a quite indicative document for anybody interested in “strategic planning” 🙂 Full FCSP schedule below…


Fuck the World Cup, football the way WE like it 😀

Hells Bells

When, towards the end of May, rumors broke out about an imminent friendly between Proodeftiki Toumbas and some amateur FCSP squad, taking place on June 14th in Salonica, the allusion was direct: “Seems that season is not over yet :-)” – regardless of the guest squad, the identity of the host team was a guarantee for something extra ordinary (had the chance to watch these guys once more almost 2 years ago, details can be found here) and with the perspective of such an occasion, the 500 Km distance to the place, didn’t seem like an obstacle 🙂 When, last Monday the guys from Der Übersteiger (thanks, cheers!) confirmed that FC Sankt Pauli 2. Alter Herren are coming to town, there wasn’t anything to be discussed, all roads were leading to the Triandria Field on Saturday – turned out that this was a really wise decision 🙂


Happy 104th Birthday FC Sankt Pauli!

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FCSP logo 2

104 years of magic, hoping for more in the years to come :-)

It’s time for remembrance, time for review, look ahead and time for wishes! Time to remember all the big and little heroes, in and out of the pitch, that led the way and helped building the FCSP football miracle, time to review what went good and what went wrong here (with the season over just 3 days ago), time to face the old ongoing and new upcoming challenges that lie ahead, some of them starting next month and most of all (of course!) time to wish, as “required” in every proper anniversary – here is where the Scum will stick:

We just wish for a Club that will not lose it’s identity, for an administration that will keep remembering who they are representing in their high responsibility posts, for a squad that will be again a lively part of the neighborhood with guys that breath, feel and live FCSP, and for a local fanbase that will keep succesfully defending our true values and protecting the unique FCSP fan culture against “modern” (and dangerous sometimes) football fan “trends” 🙂

Promotion can wait…

Happy Birthday FCSP!!!

Another annual Club Greeting video?!?

Seems that Santa WILL SUFFERRR!!!

Seems that the Official FCSP annual greeting video that came out on December 15th must have already caused a lot of reactions regarding the absence of the traditional “Explicit” Santa torture concept. There’s no other way to interpret the publication of a 2nd video that puts actually things back in order! This time, Santa is been cheated by…see for yourselves 🙂

Cheers to St. Pauli Thessaloniki Club for the enlightening original report 🙂

A happy winter break (again)!

Video 2013 (No Santa Torture Stuff!)

Video 2012

Video 2011 (Classic!)