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Seems that the experiment is turning to an institution 🙂 Athens Antifa League season III starts this Sunday with increased expectations, thanks to the success of season II, which confirmed that the tournament is here to stay and that season I was not just a spontaneous initiative doomed, to fade after the Summer. Have your (sporting or not) gear ready, the time has come once more 😀


Glorious season closing!


After a season full of thrill, doping, football scandals and tons of fun overall, the Athens Antifa League is reaching it’s conclusion on Weekend!  Two days of a different approach towards football which is more than welcome, especially this week where the Greek nation lives big moments of national hysteria, thanks to the unexpected triumph of the National team yesterday which suddenly helped everybody here to remember that we have the bravest soul, the longest dick and of course we have invented civilization 😀


Football Mafia!!!


Sunday morning (1 pm!), with weather than can exist only here in Greece this time of the year and the Athens Antifa League right in the heart of the Scum “territory” 🙂 Scum crew couldn’t think of a better choice, so those of us that could make it (a sweet bunch of six, aged from 3 to 45) drove/rode/walked to the foothills of mount Hymettus – proved to be a very good idea 😉



OK, Athens Antifa League season II is just around the corner! Last season’s “experiment” was finally proven more than successful, so now the crew returns with a vengeance, far more organized we hope ( 🙂 ), kicking off this Sunday, 24/11 13:00, at Keratsini


Antifa League

First effort, despite all odds, proved quite successful. After a 2-3 (maybe a little more) month period of transfers, laziness, “live your myth in Greece” situations, etc, etc, the Antifa League crew is back with a vengeance! Antifa League new season is almost around the corner and anybody interested in actively participating, better hurry…


Fun by the beach!


For one more Sunday, this time in one of the most “hostile” areas of Attica, round 8 of the Athens Antifa League took place, at Kountouriotis coast…