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Brief farewell to a Brown White comrade…

Posted: February 5, 2018 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Other...

Since today morning we are poorer as Greek FCSP fan scene… Panos Diamantopoulos, one of the oldest members of the Athens Club and one of the oldest brown white comrades in general, left us unexpectedly this morning. Such times words and memorial speeches are cheap. Memories of shared experiences can wait for now, after all, things like our first ever trip to Hamburg some 9 years ago simply can’t go away. Wishes for courage and strength along with our deepest condolences to Nina (wife and also proud member of the Greek FCSP society), his entire family and to the brothers of the Athens Club…

Rest forever in peace brother, you will be missed…


There is one good thing to the otherwise disgusting ( 😀 ) national football weekends, the break from the matchreport-after-matchreport “routine” and the ability to deal for a change with issues other than the usual FCSP flow but at least equally significant. Let’s leave for a little while brown & white aside and switch to yellow & black, not BVB dummy, FC Lampedusa Hamburg yellow & black 🙂



While messing with FCSP social affairs in between work earlier, a colleaugue sent me a youtube video, telling me “Hey man, you have to watch this!”. It was a video regarding a football Club in Brazil, haven’t personally heard so far (not  a big Brazilian League fun – more trouble than footbal),  Sport Club Do Recife. The big surprise was that the video was not about the Club itself but for their impressive (judging by the results) nation wide organ donation campaign! Read on 🙂



Great moments at Alepotrypa fournace on Saturday, May 25th. A  “Friendship and Solidarity” international friendly match was held between Asteras Exarcheion and Spartak Istanbul from Turkey. (Although there was some concern about the start time of the game, everything OK)


Partizan Minsk on tour

Posted: February 25, 2013 by St. John in Other...
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Friends on tour

Partizan minsk main

From 15 through 23 March, Partizan Minsk (Squad, Club management and fans) will be in Germany for some friendly matches against German teams including FC St. Pauli in order to introduce themselves. Here is the original tour promo taken from their blog in both English and Greek language…


4th RFU festival: Saturday night fever :-)

Posted: July 9, 2012 by Zouz in Other...

At the time this is written, the 4th RFU fest is still going on, but since the Scum correspondent (my sorry ass!) won’t be able to make it on the hill today, and unless something extra-ordinary happens today, it’s impression time 🙂