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While messing with FCSP social affairs in between work earlier, a colleaugue sent me a youtube video, telling me “Hey man, you have to watch this!”. It was a video regarding a football Club in Brazil, haven’t personally heard so far (not  a big Brazilian League fun – more trouble than footbal),  Sport Club Do Recife. The big surprise was that the video was not about the Club itself but for their impressive (judging by the results) nation wide organ donation campaign! Read on 🙂


Fun by the beach!


For one more Sunday, this time in one of the most “hostile” areas of Attica, round 8 of the Athens Antifa League took place, at Kountouriotis coast…


Everybody there!


The place is Votsalakia Beach, Piraeus, the day is Sunday June 2nd and the time is 16:00. Even if football and the beach party that will follow are not enough, this time there are one or two additional reasons that should made everybody considering seriously being there…



Great moments at Alepotrypa fournace on Saturday, May 25th. A  “Friendship and Solidarity” international friendly match was held between Asteras Exarcheion and Spartak Istanbul from Turkey. (Although there was some concern about the start time of the game, everything OK)


Against all odds 🙂


The date was Sunday, the time 13:00 and place, a self-painted 4×4 cement street pitch within the inner open spaces of the N.T.U.A. (National Technical University of Athens). Excellent Spring weather in the middle of Winter, no obligations, ideal circumstances for raising my lazy ass and get it for once out on Sunday morning (lazzzy bastard!). The outcome, regardless all the technical setbacks, was certainly worthing it 🙂


Partizan Minsk on tour

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Friends on tour

Partizan minsk main

From 15 through 23 March, Partizan Minsk (Squad, Club management and fans) will be in Germany for some friendly matches against German teams including FC St. Pauli in order to introduce themselves. Here is the original tour promo taken from their blog in both English and Greek language…


News: Athens Antifa League!

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Antifa League

This is the first post of the year (wishes for world peace, freedom, end of hunger, etc, etc for 2013 – Scum always positive 🙂 ) and slightly premature (haven’t reached even the middle of the winter break yet!) but we got out of our winter-break-state-of-complacency for a very good reason 🙂 …