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Hamburg Police published a list of objects that were found on people that were submitted to “proactive controls” between 4th and 12th of January within the neigborhood. This list of Horror is quite indicative of the problem and, in an indirect way, reveals the reasons than forced the HH Police bosses to take this dramatic decision and turn the area into a danger zone… If you think that you can stand the truth, please read what Walter (Athens Club correspondant) has to say 🙂




Things look like have cooled down a little at the neighborhood but story seems anything but over. Maybe the “combat” situation is off but a lot of things have happened during the last days… Here’s a brief chronological description of what has happened after the first intense days in the quarter. Many thanks to Walter from Berlin for taking the time to sort things on paper for everybody to understand and our Athens Club pals for immediately forwarding the information!



2014 started in the worst possible manner regarding life in the Neighborhood. Seems that the escalation of violence, following a) the new attempt to evacute Rote Flora and b) the evacuation of the ESSO houses along with a few “holes” in the Hamburg legal system, provided an “opportunity” to the Hamburg Police (with the blessings of HH Minister of Interior and Sports Michael Neumann, of course) to unleash an unprecedented orgy of repression within the streets of St. Pauli… Seems though that this “initiative” day by day, slowly but surely, turns more and more to a boomerang returning directly to its sender…



Fascist scum (NOT Scum!) are trying quite hardly to propagate their rotten beliefs in any way throughout Athens’ southern suburbs lately. Thankfully, their effort to shed their poison in the region, does not seem to find fertile ground, thanks to effective resistance and reaction (at any cost), by fellow comrades/competitors plus a good slice of the local “public opinion” which slowly begins to awaken from its lethargy…