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Could be Better…Could be Worse!

Tuesday with a heavy head and mid week, we started to take the road to Cargo café for our share of glory to the game of Sankt Pauli with Borussia Dortmund for the DFB-Pokal. The memories from Saturday still wet on our shoulders and of course the constant talk was on how many would we get this time. Borussia might be sucking ass in Bundesliga, but it still is a whole class above us, and of course ourselves can’t brag on being competitive on our own Liga. So heads down but always having way back on our minds that thought that maybe the boys in Millerntor would make a ‘’loose from the worst and win the best’’ miracle they’re so keen of doing. With the company of two lads from Athens club, the match starts.


Let’s start over…

The hottest day in all summer was this of this matchday. The few of us who stayed in this damn town summed up moral and gathered for a sporty evening with Sankt Pauli facing Optik Rathenow for the first round of DFB-Pokal. The previous two games in the league were a true disaster and normally we would have no reason in expecting anything positive out of this, but the class difference between SP and Optik is so defining that we had our expectations set to ‘’any type of victory’’, and then see what went on after that.  So 3 of us under Zouz’s  air conditioned  lair seemed like a good plan for the afternoon…