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Business as usual

OK, under normal circumstances this should be full of things like “FFS”, 🤬, “&%^*%#@@)&$”, etc, etc. No. From now on and considering our excellent record (100% disqualification success against Liga 3 squads since the latest transformation of Liga 3 in 2008/9), we will start approaching 1st round DFB Pokal games as impossible missions or as friendly matches against clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona. So, yesterday FCSP almost touched the dream of quaification to the 2nd Round but unfortunately the momentum of the opponent and the overtime fatigue got the better of us. To the squad: heads up boys, one of these years we’re going to make it happen and the celebration that will take place it will be really unprecedented! Regarding the rest of us, let’s have a look at what happened yesterday, read on…




First of all, happy new season everybody, as yesterday’s draw signaled the beginning of 2018-19 activities. Of course this is only typical and in essence nothing more than a connection to the things to come, before a long period of slumber and mostly transfer rumours that will be interrupted once again shortly on June 29th for the Liga 2 schedule draw. However, we now know our 1st round opponent: it’s SSV Wehen Wiesbaden and after the first (ignorant, read below) Scum reaction, is considered, especially considering our Pokal history (you don’t even need history, just look back at last year ^^). one of the opponents that we certainly wouldn’t prefer, read on 😉