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It was alright 😎

Yeah, it was alright, especially considering the way it started. An ambitious (for the squad, fans are still trying to comprehend how we made it to 2nd round) evening that started like a bloody nightmare but ended in a completely dignified manner, leaving almost everybody (we can’t really tell about Haupttribune, they were really fast clearing the area) satisfied, if not by the football, by the tremendous effort that the Boys in Brown put into the game, well done 😉


Following the colossal (for some, we were confident on this and almost got ourselves exposed once more 😅) 1st round upset, with FCSP making it to the next round after a titan clash with VfB Lübeck, last weekend’s draw brought on our way Eintracht Frankfurt. Normally somewhere here (“here” as a figure of speech, match is in more than 2 months) must be the end of the road but a) it will be still a good way to close the pocal season and… b) don’t write us off just yet 😉


In the end…it was simply Lübeck!!!

Exactly what the title says. It was just lousy Lübeck man. Having to endure xtra 30 minutes and penalty shootout to overcome the BEAST (Ooooohahahahaha) called VfB Lübeck??? No no no…Something is going horribly wrong here! The Greuther Fürth game was not good. Heavy loss in Millerntor that brought forth really early in the season problems to our team that shouldn’t be there, considering the fact that we had a whole summer break to be prepared for it. The first DFB Pokal round was against the hated Lübeck Scum and was a really good opportunity to gain lost ground in self-confidence and moral. Seeing the result and taking under consideration that these bastards are a Regionalliga Nord team….I dunno how much ground we covered…



Well, well, well, look who’s here… OK, we have dealt with this lowlife crew in the recent past, no need to waste any more energy and time on them, just go and read our preview from 2016-17.

PS: Brown White Boys and girls visiting the place be careful ^ ^ No concerns about the local fan mob, concerns are more about the local police…