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Do it like Borys…😎😂🤣

source:, ©️ Witters

Borys Tashchy finally did it. Scored his first goal after so many attempts all this time being in the team’s ranks. After such a U-turn, anything is possible huh? Last friendly game before the season officially starts and still…we can’t say we’re super hyped judging by what we saw. The team has an almost new basic eleven formation so lot of things, still need to be worked out. But c’mon.  SönderjyskE finished 11th in the Danish third league in the 2019-2020 season and their new season starts on Friday. You wouldn’t exactly call that a challenge. Yet although Sankt Pauli managed to win (the least we could do), left us with a lot of questions concerning their readiness with the view to the opening of the season in two weeks from now!


Well, whatever 😎

Preparation for the new season in progress and of course nothing is like used to be. Not some training camp abroad, no relaxed warm ups against local pub selections and of course is end of August. A “delayed” and slightly shorter training camp at Herzlake and fewer test games, with almost no coverage (Club seems to be in dire straits financially). The chance of watching one of course was more than welcome 😎 A few more, along with some other news, below.