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Season Finale: A FLAG lowered with pride!

Last game of the season and last game for our honored captain, Mr Fabian Boll. In this last game of his career, the fans were there to honor the man that has managed to leave his mark in his way on Sankt Pauli. No reason to mention the dispute between Vrabec and the fans over the matter, cos this game marked the closing of a season in which, in good and bad, we were all there. No reason either to start nagging over bad results we happened to witness during the season, cos what we were saying all year round, came true. Sankt Pauli is a lot more than cheap results…


A train full of FCSP magic 🙂


After being an entire month in Hamburg on February/March and following FCSP everywhere the brown white squad travelled (a lifetime experience overall) I was quite sure that I had already seen what was there for me to be seen this season and my first ever Sonderzug was looking more like a way to somehow recall this incredible month and say goodbye to all good friends for this season. Couldn’t be more wrong (why not surprised?) here… the 15-wagon dinosaur proved to be one of the finest experiences I ever had with FCSP and all these days in general an invaluable entry in the FCSP memory book 🙂 About the game? We should limit as long as possible references to match and football here – it would really spoil a good report…


Yellow card…

This is not good…We are Sankt Pauli fans and we can tolerate defeat just fine, so with the help of some good, beer, pot, etc, etc and by having some Athens Club friends along,  somehow we managed to “digest” quite easy squad’s depressing performance and hands-down home defeat vs VfR Aalen. What’s a little more difficult to digest is Coach Vrabec’s disrespectful (towards more than one direction) behavior during the post game press conference… Seems that certain people have not comprehended 100% where they play… Herr Vrabec, this is FC Sankt Pauli, a club where Values are more important than results…


Cottbus bleibt?…Not on our watch!

Crucifixion of Cottbus2

With SP having nothing to lose, and Energie Cottbus counting every  match till the end of the season, as they played for their stay in the second league, it was obvious that Sankt Pauli would have no other option, than to crush Angela Merkel’s beloved team!


This is football

This is bizarre… New loss at home, at the last-chance game vs Kaiserslautern with the last goal conceded on 97′, today (with match weekend still in progress) should feel like Hell…I’m just proud and glad instead… Proud for my squad’s true fighting spirit (effectiveness is skill, fighting spirit is ATTITUDE) and glad for the football that we all had the chance to watch on Friday night 🙂



After  the manschaft’s comeback in matchday 28 with Greuther Fürth, matchday 29 made us wet our pants with this dominant performance of Sankt Pauli over Sandhausen.  Great game from SP, that showed a lot of heart and made the hosts look weak and unable to react despite their opening on the scoreboard twice!