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Finally home 🙂

The sweetest defeat we can recall from the last years… The boys in Brown went to Darmstadt to play for all or nothing vs local SV Darmstadt 98 (the pleasant surprise of the season) which needed desperately the win in order to achieve something that nobody expected at the beginning of the season: direct promotion to the Bundesliga at their first season in Liga 2, after 33 years…In the end, the Boys in Brown lost the match in the details but this, in combination with the other results, turned into a double celebration after the full time whistle (and a lot of agony) with them celebrating promotion and us celebrating salvation. This must have been an incredible Sonderzug return trip… 🙂


Fabulous FCSP, almost there!

Of course there’s no serious philosophy when talking about the thinness of the line between Heaven and Hell but the experience of walking the line yourself is always a different thing, the same way your personal Hell seems always, for reasons that have to do with the way we grow up as human beings, much more Red and Hot comparing to the cauldron that the guy next to you is boiling into…As Sankt Pauli fans, we lived yesterday our own personal Inferno for a while, before the the Boys in Brown make an incredible comeback and sky rocket the entire Millerntor along with thousands of FCSP fans watching all around the globe, holding their breath throughout the game. Just one thing before we start shouting chants of redemption and joy – it’s not over yet…



An incredibly gutsy FCSP managed to do the almost inconceivable yesterday, managing to take a completely unexpected victory that could secure us the league, inside one of the historically most “inhospitable” grounds for us, against one of the strongest teams in the league who were playing by the way for their direct promotion to Bundesliga. The final conclusion of this survival battle is still anything but certain but, no matter how this ends up, this was one of the days that will be remembered, thank you Ewald Lienen, thank you Robin Himmelmann, thank you Jan-Philipp Kalla, thank you all you Boys in Brown 🙂


Drink this!


Yes, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Seems that the energy shit that our yesterday’s guests are named after and exist because of it isn’t much better than the respective “energy” liquid we were advertising last year. HUGE victory for the Boys in Brown, practically depriving Red “Modern Football” Bull from their primary target this season and (the most important) keeping us alive in the extermination race that’s currently going on and is expected to continue with undiminished intensity until the very last day of the season. The word “tough” is quite lenient in order to describe what expects us in the last 3 matchdays but with such commitment and passion we can go on hoping and play for all or nothing until the sweet or bitter end…


No time for grief

This post supposed to be out late yesterday but it didn’t… It wasn’t the “exhaustion” due to alcohol or weed, this is business as usual, it was the feeling of sentimental fatigue or to put it a little simpler, the kind of emotion you have when you have been beaten big time and you just can’t stand anymore punches… Of course, this was yesterday and was just bollocks, we don’t have the luxury or time for fainting, one evening of sorrow is enough… FCH 2 – FCSP 1, let’s lift the chin up and see were are we going from here…


Still alive!

I personally don’t believe in miracles as I consider them nothing more than weapons in the arsenals of the various religious shops around, all of them on the quest for our belief and cash. However, IF I wasn’t such an irreligious bastard and had watched yesterday’s game approaching his closing stages, praying for a miracle, I think that I would end up in bed late yesterday with the pink thought that “yes, god finally really exists!” 😀 Extremely significant victory for FCSP, thanks to a last moment, out of nowhere, diving header by Sobiech, keeping us alive in the race for survival, however don’t start screaming “Hallelujah” yet brothers and sisters, still a long and hard way to salvation…