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Ok now, I have to find the proper words to describe last night’s majestic moments? Even the best author can’t do that. It is simple. Some things just need to be seen. I mean. How can someone take the moments we lived  yesterday, put them to paper through words and make someone understand what we witnessed for 90 minutes? In a futile attempt to make you realize what you’ve lost (those who did), I’d say that SP probably played the best game since many years. To the old ones it reminded a lot of Stani’s team. And not in a coaching manner because in this sector everything goes to Ewald. It is just that SP was once again and after maaaaany years the hunter and not the hunted. What myself, Konstantina, Bill, Marousa, Saint John  and Uncle Zouzounos witnessed yesterday was a beast jumping on prey and tearing its flesh apart until there was no more. SP was hungry. But…ok enough with the foreplay. The action holds the truth for my exaggerations. Read below and tell me if I am wrong.


When planets conspire against you!

1st Pic

Ok now, how and what can possibly be found to say, that’ll give you the exact picture of our faces after the game? Gathered in Cargo café , my sorry ass, uncle Zouzounos and Saint John (recent sources want his name changed to chubby gentleman), hoping for a miracle as now every game we come upon is ultimatum to us. All went as planned. In fact in this game we witnessed how Lienen has changed the way the team progresses, but we also witnessed the fact that when your luck is off the door, you stand no chance at all, in the worst manner possible.


One step back…

We had our chance to escape (even temporary) from the direct relegation zone yesterday and at a certain point of the game it seemed like we’ve managed to do it… Still, an unlucky defensive moment was enought to turn the odds upside down and, at the end of the match, we were lucky to leave the field even with the single (still not enough) point… FCSP 1 – FSV 1 and the anguish carries on…


Good! Can we repeat it next week?

Whoooooaaaaaahhh! Right at the moment when it seemed that the situation is getting out of hand, the Boys in Brown gave their answer in the pitch, and what an answer that was! Easy and clear 0-2 victory (1st away this season!) in Eintracht Stadion, in front of the blue-yellow crowd of Eintracht Braunschweig, including their far-right hooligan mob, escaping temporary from the last place in the table, a place that some of us were thinking that we won’t leave until May…We only hope that the squad has some more like this in store because, at the point we are now, we certainly need them…


Entering the Event Horizon…

Smart guys doing physics define “event horizon” “as ‘the point of no return’, i.e., the point at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible”. In case you wonder what’s the relation between the maximum-booze-consuming-minimal-brain-results-producing Scum crew and noble sports like Physics, the answer is easier than it looks. If you look anywhere around, you can always find an example of life immitating physics (or vice versa, if you prefer). Such a case we experienced this weekend at the Millerntor with FCSP, after failing once more to get a victory, this time against Erzgebirge Aue, entering the Event Horizon of…Liga 3…


No Bottom to mediocrity!!!


This matchday was definitely a special day. First of all it was the game. Had to sum up all positive energy possible to win this cos, every game now is a win situation for us. A tie isn’t an option and of course there’s no place for defeat. The 2 days annual Greek Death Grind scene fest in Thessaloniki was an excellent option for us. 2 bands with scum members were participating so, this was a perfect timing for us. Visiting Salonica were the boys from the SP Salonica crew are running the show was an awesome experience in all. Met Thomas at about  quarter to 4 and then headed to their joint for the game. Rotonda café was more or less like Cargo. Classic old school type café with elders drinking coffee and talking politics and the Salonica crew gathering for the event of the day. Salutations and mutual respect was shared and the whole downhill started…



We’ve seen SP take results and not worth it and we’ve seen the exact opposite. So what we can’t say is that we get mistreated by a ref. But the thing is that every match now to us is being looked upon us an ultimatum, and thinking us such, it is outrageous to see SP playing with passion (finally) and  dominating a game, but losing all three points due to a douchebag ref. There is no place for mistakes now and it seems that Ewald Lienen made that clear to the players. But apparently a team needs more than that to win a game. A first half with SP dominating the game, with the ref blowing the action away on our part with a penalty shot given and taken away, with an offside goal against us that never got whistled and many more falls calls that enlisted him to the ones marked as cesspool of bad sportsmanship and professionalism. Scum gathered about 20:30 in Cargo café in Alimos for the usual stuff like watch SP, drink and analyze the modern viewz, thoughts and aspects of a successful decapage (ladies can’t help it!).