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The Rookie feeling

Right image: Steve Watkins (thank you ;-) )

Right image: Steve Watkins (thank you 😉 )

Dreamlike season closing for FCSP in an afternoon full of football, feelings, vindication and farewell with the Boys in Brown thanking with actions the sold out Millerntor for the season support by winning big time FCK and keeping the crowd for sometime after the end of the match applausing them for a decent and hard working season. Dreamlike weekend also for the Scum ambassador in HH for the game (my sorry ass) who, despite having already by now a quite satisfactory amount of Hamburg flying hours (not talking planes here) in his record, felt again in a few occasions the magic feeling that only someone who arrives for the first time in Sankt Pauli and realises exactly where he has come to can experience 🙂


No Harm Done

Ok seriously it is all about the fun of it now. We got nothing to lose and mathematically we’re far from any 1st league pursuit. So why not enjoy the game, drink beers and expect nothing more than a game filled with Sankt Pauli? Yep. Sounds like a plan!


That’s a joke, right?


Unfortunately not…that was a black Friday indeed. I mean, on one side, you got the fuckin clergy with their stupid doctrines about a bearded hippie that died upon a cross and got resurrected and blah blah blah…you got them all Friday long insulting your intelligence by waving around a wooden effigy of a tomb crying about how their savior died…..Anyway you get the point. Supposedly this crescendo of stupidity was going to be swept away by the sight of our beloved Sankt Pauli crushing 1860 München…NOOOOT!


Badly played, well fought

The Boys in Brown, after throwing the first half in the bin, managed to come back at a level and leave from Esprit Arena with a draw against desperate for points Fortuna, after a game that in the end left probably none of the opponents absolutely happy – still, if anyone should feel better here, it’s probably FCSP. Regarding us, it was mostly about enjoying our squad playing only for the brown white jersey and fighting hard for it. Evening completed in the most pleasant possible way by our U23 at Hoheluft 🙂


Fafast and furious 😀

Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt (dpa)

Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt (dpa)

Thanks to two goals from Fafa Picault, another big Himmelmann performance and a little dose of luck FCSP did the job yesterday, prevailing 2-0 over always dangerous VfL Bochum, and made another step towards securing the 4th place which of course hasn’t any serious significance but for sure is much better than chasing 16th 🙂 Keep playing you Boys in Brown, the Athens fans need you in shape on matchday 34 😀



Still cleaning the shit out of the seats.


How can I even describe this? Sankt Pauli lost eventually but seriously who gives a fuck? We gave all kinds of nightmare to a game Freiburg originally thought to be a walk in the park. Scum gathered along with friends from the Athens Club in Soridon café for another glorious SP adventure, with my stupid ass being certain of our victory (we’ve slain all the beasts of the second league after all), and Uncle Zouzounos being satisfied with a modest and humble 2-0 loss. Well SP somehow proved us both wrong but happy with the result.


Finally, Welcome Ryo 🙂


Ryo Miyaichi’s first appearance in Millerntor was the most important thing that happened yesterday evening, in a game between two squads that both wanted to win but both feared each other at the same time. Full time, FC Sankt Pauli 0 – FC Union Berlin 0, nice try you Boys in Brown, welcome (back) Ryo 🙂