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…and how can we not be suicidal when we let a game slip from our hands just like that? Leading the score by three until the first half hour and then on the last minute (Once again!!), fucking everything up by donating a goal to poor Dresden (fuckin nazi scumbags!!!). Better through the entire game but still…missing the winning element. Read below…


Millerntor Hell baby!!

Well finally…the healing process started bringing results. We saw it with Stuttgart despite the fact that we lost. It was almost certain that we’d see the effort bare fruit if we carried on to the same route. And it did, against Kiel. Dominating the entire game despite the fact we run outta gas in the end. Two new players (Lawrence from Anderlecht and Penney from Sheffield Wednesday) in the basic 11 and luckily they blended in nice. Read below…


Finally…some football!!!

Ok, that was quick! Remember the circus we saw two weeks ago? The SGF game? Or even one week ago in the DFB-Pokal against the bozos of Lübeck. Nothing like that here. 180 degrees route change I tell ya! Serious in defense and aggressive. Following game plan and strategies. The game was literally lost in tiny details we need to work on!


Do your job (and fast) or fuck off

The raised fist of the Captain, on his way to the hospital (broken fibula, torn ligaments, this is fuckin’ serious) while applauded by the entire Millerntor, is the message that each one of us should clearly listen in view of the new season. Stay strong and support the squad, through thick or thin. All the rest, including a justification for the title, follow below – read on…


A tie for starters – Not Bad!

It has begun yo! The bets are on. Speculations’n’all  coming and going but mostly, this excitement before every match day, was sooo missed. The heavy clouds surrounding the game after our head coach’s recent statements (we’ll get to that later) kind of crippled the fun of it all as it got us thinking. We managed though to make it work especially after the good result (c’mon man…a tie for the opening game is considered good!) and the cake that followed. Read below!



S.E.S Ball

2019-20 schedule is out and it’s looking a lot like last season’s. “Derby” (according to the first talks here, seems like we will miss the home game, not a bad idea actually after last season 😅) a couple of weeks earlier than last year and a similar trip time Sonderzug. One thing you should know is (<copy paste from last season section>) that, as usual, there are no specific dates/times at this point, it’s all conceptual at a match weekend level. This means that anybody who’s planning a trip at this stage should book at least from early Friday to early Tuesday (</copy paste from last season section>). This does not apply to the last 2 matchdays (all games are on Sunday).

Brown white appointmens follow in detail below, start checking out, see each other along the way, sooner or later 😉