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Farewell 2021

“One week after the end of the regular season and 25% of the squad have already said their goodbyes”. Beginning is copy paste from last year, nevertheless story behind is quite different, different season, different actors, different environment, different circumstances. The only thing that is probably common is the bitterness of the moments, regardless of who and why, is (usually, don’t forget Sahin) difficult to say goodbye…


For fu…ah, whatever 😅


Wellll…that wasn’t an appropriate season farewell. While we expected to recall some of the stuff that we watched amazed during 2021, we got ourselves an outstanding review of 2020 instead. Could talk about a shite festival and start adding lots of stuff there but (for reasons too obvious to explain)…it’s alright, so let’s go briefly through what happened yesterday 🙂


Oooh Well!!!

Having secured the stay in the second league and having nothing more to pursuit in the two remaining match days, we can lay back and watch our beloved Sankt Pauli play, having no anxiety about results. Our only goal now is to witness a nice game. Time for Timo to check on new players and tactics and so on. New players in the basic eleven and a new jersey for us leaving no doubt to the ones still having one …” No place for fascism”. Is there anyone that ACTUALLY gives a fuck if we won or lost?


Why the long face?

“If only we had scored one goal in those first 20 minutes”, or “If our defense held their ground in that first goal”, or “If their keeper was not in such a good day”….The ifs go on and on always ending in “…we would have witnessed a completely different game”. Maybe true, maybe not. What difference does it make? We lost man! We lost big time. It is not the loss itself but the volume it took in this 4-0. Hard pill to swallow but hey…The league is saved. We weren’t on the pursuit of any Aufstieg (let’s be realistic here). We are in the first 10 positions in the ranks and last but not least…..When did we give a fuck about results? We’re Sankt Pauli bro. Don’t forget!


Bloodthirsty barbarians on the loose!!!


If only we had three more match days…We’d be calculating points in and out now…Counting chances for aufstieg. Aaaah…fuck it. That was never our goal anyways. Like comrade Zouz pointed out in the previous matchday…Everyone has the right to play a lousy game. Fortuna was our lousy game. This one was the aftermath! Greuther Fürth, second in the ranks and a team that doesn’t want to let one single point go to waste felt the might of Millerntor to their bones. Somewhat standing in the first half and their feet literally shaking in the second until we dropped them to their knees! Devastating and ruthless…these are the two words that describe Sankt Pauli’s behavior in the field nowadays. All the others simply have to go along!


March or Die!

No, this is not a rallying call, this is the title from a 1992 Motörhead album. Why mentioned here? Because overall the album is total crap! What this has to do with us? Well, if Uncle Lem, God of Rock’N’Roll, was allowed such a monstrosity once, of course we’re allowed to have every now and then a crappy evening like yesterday. No damage done, not even our pride should be hurt (2-0 is a flattering score for yesterday 😄), let’s go over this as fast as we can and get on with our lives 😅