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What a season finale man…Really never thought it would end this way, but then again…Why not?  Magdeburg scumbags are barely alive and they thought Millerntor would be a U-Turn in their lousy game play? Well, Sankt Pauli is third in the ranks and trust me….This is not by chance. Magdeburg tasted what Millerntor looks like when it is angry. First half was kinda split but the second half was all bout Sankt Pauli beating the shit out of them. And, from what they pulled after the end of the game (laterzzz…), I believe they deserved more…



Settin off on the right foot!!! Forza FCSP!


Ok lads. New season of Sankt Pauli started officially. Seemed like forever this time. We were so damn anxious to see our team perform once again. So many questions needed to be answered. Will the team be ready? Will any of our new players prove worthy? Will the coach prove worthy, considering the fact that in the previous season he didn’t get a fair chance to build on his strategy?  The new faces in the team’s roaster are Marvin Knoll, whom we got from Jahn Regensburg on the 1st of July, Ersin Zehir, Jakob Münzner and  Luis Coordes as internal changes and of course Mats Möller Daehli which is no new face to the team but so far he’s been playing as loan from Freiburg. From July 1st and up until June 2021 he is our lad. Too damn curious to see how these players would blend in to the team since the friendlies didn’t show much. Soridon was damn packed. The usual suspects (Scum crew and the Electrician, Herr Kostas) and the fellow comrades from Athens Klub. That, along with Zouz half dead from extended drinking in Glasgow but still eyes fixed upon the game,  were more than enough to give the positive vibes needed for this first match day.