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OK, this is not a fuckin’ animal kingdom concept going on, it’s just about the circumstances leading things this way 😀 After devouring KSC last week (which by the way forced Hannover to a majestic defeat yesterday), the Boys in Brown did again the trick against 1860 but in a completely different way. Holding their ground against a really dangerous and superior in the field opponent and robbing the house just by biting twice in zero time – yeah, yeah, like a bloody cobra 😀


Could be better, could be worse

A Thursday game always kind of sucks. Full schedule and the next day of course you gotta work. The only thing making it better is Sankt Pauli crushing the ones setting foot in  Millerntor. And since SP has proved that the first three games belong to the past, expectations were  high for this one. Good company, good beer and the friendly environment of Soridon  made sure that our moral would be high. The Boys in Brown should do the rest…


That’s a joke, right?


Unfortunately not…that was a black Friday indeed. I mean, on one side, you got the fuckin clergy with their stupid doctrines about a bearded hippie that died upon a cross and got resurrected and blah blah blah…you got them all Friday long insulting your intelligence by waving around a wooden effigy of a tomb crying about how their savior died…..Anyway you get the point. Supposedly this crescendo of stupidity was going to be swept away by the sight of our beloved Sankt Pauli crushing 1860 München…NOOOOT!


Blackout, knockout, heads up!


Shitty Saturday with the Boys in Brown becoming prey for the, always dangerous and this time in dire need, 1860 München and losing 2-0 without even having understood how the fuck this happened…What the Hell, this is football, loss always part of the plan, no damage done, let’s review, regroup, reorganize and kick ass 🙂


No Bottom to mediocrity!!!


This matchday was definitely a special day. First of all it was the game. Had to sum up all positive energy possible to win this cos, every game now is a win situation for us. A tie isn’t an option and of course there’s no place for defeat. The 2 days annual Greek Death Grind scene fest in Thessaloniki was an excellent option for us. 2 bands with scum members were participating so, this was a perfect timing for us. Visiting Salonica were the boys from the SP Salonica crew are running the show was an awesome experience in all. Met Thomas at about  quarter to 4 and then headed to their joint for the game. Rotonda café was more or less like Cargo. Classic old school type café with elders drinking coffee and talking politics and the Salonica crew gathering for the event of the day. Salutations and mutual respect was shared and the whole downhill started…


German football with Greek referees…


The two completely incompetent, inadequate, < your word here > assistant referees managed to somehow spoil Thomas Meggle’s debut at the edge of the FCSP bench and the welcome victory (in fact, a draw would do fine) turned to a bitter defeat. Nevertheless, we may not left the Millerntor jumping up and down but at least we left the place satisfied and proud… There is certainly still a long way until this squad turns to a well tuned ensemble but, FOR THE FIRST TIME after quite a while, we felt that our squad fought with real passion the way FCSP should do. Give again a big and warm welcome to Thomas Meggle, a new era started on Sunday, better days are coming 😀




Seems like the lean years are way passed for Sankt Pauli. The recent results are more than overwhelming, leaving us in the third place alone, a rank no one would expect us to have when the season started. Sankt Pauli is strongly flirting with the playoffs for Bundesliga, and that is something achieved with Sankt Pauli’s ability in gaining results. We’re still not among the teams that play exceptional football. In fact, we still need a lot of work in several matters, defensive and offensive, but the big difference with this year’s SP is that this team knows how to take results. And this is a virtue that makes a great team! 1860 München was the team we should eliminate to be left alone in the third place and it was done so…