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This is how it’s done!

I feeeeeeeeeeel good!!!!! That’s what James Brown said and actually this is how this last matchday felt. Having settled in the first three ranks in die Zweite Liga and flirting with the first place kind of makes it happily awkward as by this time the previous seasons it was quite the opposite. An undoubted victory against Arminia which of course couldn’t be left stainless as freakin’ cops held back 250 of our fans for 6 hours (we’ll get to that later). Anyway, our beloved Sankt Pauli is first in the league (the Köln-H$V game hasn’t yet take place) and it all looks sooo nice.



Home Safe 🙂


…and they lived happily ever after… this standard fairytale conclusion maybe not precise enought to describe the overall situation (hard times will come again) but fits like a glove when coming to describe the relief, hapiness and the resulting euphoria (natural and comparable to drugs 😀 ) that Sunday’s match caused. Yeah, the Boys in Brown stood up to the standards when it was mostly required, did what they had to do in the pitch, secured Liga 2 and gave us one of the best weekends that we had in the last years, read on 🙂



This is actually not fair. An average circus show is much more organized than the brown white mob that we witnessed yesterday stumbling on each other and becoming totally humiliated by Arminia Bielefeld in the 2nd half. There are actually no words (at least I don’t have them) to describe the pitiful spectacle of FCSP after the 2nd goal and especially towards the end of the match… We never had big aspirations regarding FCSP success, a carefree Liga 2 ride is good enough, still this season is suddenly turning much different (unfortunately to the worse) than we expected…


Our Game!

Yeh! That’s right. Our fuckin game. From the beginning to the end it was Sankt Pauli all the way.  I guess though that in such games , the law of football is strict even for the ones who deserve 3 points 100%. Miss the obvious and thy shall receive. That’s how it goes. Arminia was nowhere in the field and yet they got one point. Bollocks.   Soridon once again after two weeks of my sorry ass not being able to make it.  Game started!


At last!

The Boys in Brown finally managed to join everybody else in the Liga 2 race, which has started without us some one month ago, by grabbing our very first points and putting an end to our completely negative start-up sequence, thanks to a last minute 2-1 over Arminia Bielefeld. Not only a 1910% deserved victory but also an incredibly sweet one, especially the way it happened, at the very last moment, when all the effort given during the entire match seemed that it would end up wasted – who said that pain and pleasure don’t go together?


Happy new season and keep fingers crossed

Aaah, been a while! Two months after the “adventurous” last season finale, luckily once again in the starting line of another Liga 2 season and there was no better way to celebrate it than the excellent yesterday’s Millerntor spectacle with 30.000 people (sold out, 29.546 tickets, new record with the completion of the new Nordkurve, inaugurated yesterday) welcoming the squad with a colossal banner display, occupying the entire stadion except the corner of the guest block. This was really a feast around the four lines, pity that the Boys in Brown couldn’t transfer the party inside the pitch. A lucky at the end clean sheet draw vs newcomers Arminia Bielefeld and seems (as probably the most expected) that again this will not be like a walk in the park… However, regardless performance and result, felt so good to have our Sankt Pauli back 🙂



Back in business… FCSP, despite having luck by side, managed to waste a 0-2 lead, with less than half an hour remaining on the clock, and “compromise” with a 2-2 draw (after 2 IDENTICAL home goals) versus, passionate and better in the field overall, Arminia Bielefeld, after a quite entertaining game. What the hell, good to have FCSP and football back 🙂


We’re gonna need some bigger goal posts…

Rephrasing a little Roy Scheider’s immortal moto from 1975 all time classic “Jaws” (that later became the excuse for a brutal shark genocide in the years that followed but this can’t fit in here), “we’re gonna need some bigger posts”. Seems that the standard 732×244 cm football size is too small for the boys in Brown who haven’t manage to achieve one (1) proper goal (Kiraly’s gift doesn’t count when we come to efectiveness) in four (4) official encounters against theoretically “manageable” opponents. Scum sees two possible solutions:

  1. Put some pressure to DFB/DFL (using arguments like “the game will be more spectacular”, “alternative football by an alternative club”, etc, etc) in order to replace for FCSP games standard size posts with rugby ones. Still, we have to note here that DFB/DFL are unlikely to go along with this, so it should be used only as a last resort action.
  2. (Serious option – there are serious problems, regarding not only our offensive misfire): Stop bullshiting around, stop playing football using the dick instead of the brain, spare a little the poor FCSP fans who follow everywhere and unconditionally the squad and start playing proper football. Not World Class Multimillion football – just a decent, not in terms of will (no one challenges this, squad was PASSIONATE during the closing stages of the game) but in terms of FOCUS and seriousness, kind of play…

Hmmm…instead of getting mad let’s take a closer look at what happened 😉