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“Libera Te Tutemet Ex Inferis”

…and the ground trembled and the earth shook…The beating Aue received in this match day was more than relentless. Wave after wave after wave, Sankt Pauli dominated every inch of the field and kept hammering and hammering poor Aue until they could take no more. A message from them to our upcoming rivals could be “Save yourself from hell” (translation to the latin title…Go watch Event Horizon damn it)


Chin up!…Could be worse

Umm…Yes…Not exactly a win, but at least something to stop this barrage of losses we’ve been encountering the last four matchdays. Actually we haven’t been able to collect a single point since our draw against H$V. First point now finally, against a team proven to be a bad demon when it comes to face them. 2 wins, 4 draws and 10 losses in the last 16 games.  Another draw added to the list but hay…Holding our chin up! One point is better than none huh?


At least, we won…

The ice cold look on Henk‘s face, instead of a celebration, following 2-0, summarizes the problem in rough lines. This goes towards Jos and, at least to me, looks like an “Up yours” look. We have read thousands of lines speaking advance tactics etc. You can find lots of useful football stuff in there but there’s one thing you will not find. How the failure of one in gaining respect and inspiring people can convert a football team to a troupe. Good thing is that we won anyway and survival (not the promotion that was the promise and the bar) seems secured…



Sadness for Gabi, who will not be seen outside Domschänke anymore spreading positivity to everybody before (and even after) every crappy home matchday, sadness for the girl that during the last years gave around some free lessons on what means fighting until the end and laughing in the face of death…

Sadness also (even though it’s not even remotely comparable, life is bigger than football) for that thing trying to resemble to a team that appeared yesterday, sadness for the board (can’t be angry with them, it’s OUR board) and the unlucky choices that they have made, sadness also for this training magician who does nothing more at every post game press conference than describing what all of us have seen earlier, enriched by some “we have to work on…” crap…


Lost for Words!!!

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It is obvious that the second part of the season hasn’t started as fierce as the first one ended. Bad results and  bad calls in general, defensive and offensive, have led us to yet another defeat in this second round. This time against Erzgebirge Aue who has been our demon needing to be exorcised. 13 games since 2011 and only one victory. The aura was there, the vibes were there but this was just not good enough even though we had an early opener. Didn’t happen this time. Read below…



Ok can someone please tell me that this was just a nightmare? A bad dream that we had to endure? Seriously? This was Sankt Pauli? This is the football team that started so hopefully the first two match days? A game of utter incompetence and imbecility at some point, where literally NOTHING worked.