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Für immer mit dir!

Yes, this was a very pleasant surprise 🙂 To be honest, after the very sentimental “official” farewell of the Captain (whose career is not technically over as everyone clicked in the previous link can find out 🙂 ) back on May 11th we didn’t expect any further happenings to take place. This time the Club acted beyond our expectations and arranged a friendly where Fabian Boll will be honoured for all these years of passion and contribution to the FCSP Mythos 🙂



Season Finale: A FLAG lowered with pride!

Last game of the season and last game for our honored captain, Mr Fabian Boll. In this last game of his career, the fans were there to honor the man that has managed to leave his mark in his way on Sankt Pauli. No reason to mention the dispute between Vrabec and the fans over the matter, cos this game marked the closing of a season in which, in good and bad, we were all there. No reason either to start nagging over bad results we happened to witness during the season, cos what we were saying all year round, came true. Sankt Pauli is a lot more than cheap results…


Yellow card…

This is not good…We are Sankt Pauli fans and we can tolerate defeat just fine, so with the help of some good, beer, pot, etc, etc and by having some Athens Club friends along,  somehow we managed to “digest” quite easy squad’s depressing performance and hands-down home defeat vs VfR Aalen. What’s a little more difficult to digest is Coach Vrabec’s disrespectful (towards more than one direction) behavior during the post game press conference… Seems that certain people have not comprehended 100% where they play… Herr Vrabec, this is FC Sankt Pauli, a club where Values are more important than results…


Thank God, there’s still H$V…

First indications appeared last week but after Saturday’s ass kicking lesson, courtesy of Peter Neururer (you bloody fox!) and his VfL Bochum crew, things are looking a little more clear. Somebody should go to Kollaustrasse (hmmm, never been there 🙂 ) and kindly remind to the beloved Boys in Brown that the looong (at the level of getting used to it) Winter break is over since 2 weeks ago or so… Is the only rational explanation (except of course the tactical win of experience vs passion at the coaching battle, but these are too “advanced” issues for the Scum to deal with!) for the HORRIBLE spectacle that made us suffer for 2 hours on Weekend… Thank God (FIGURE OF SPEECH!), we still have our exquisite neighbors who have managed so far, with their Hot-Rails-To-Hell insane rally to Liga 2,  to almost absolutely comfort and smooth all pain and sorrow inflicted 🙂