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Still better than nothing!

source: © Witters

Damn it we had to win this. Seriously this was our game. So many chances gone to waste and almost got to the point where we could easily gain no point at all. We definitely looked confident. Ball down and the game play unfolded in a way that seemed organized and aggressive. It is just that the goal still wasn’t there. Is it the curse of Millerntor? Is it something missing from our final chances? Don’t know yet. Read below!



Having no fear for the away matches, no matter how tough the opponent is and on the other hand, being in a position where we could easily loose an inside game from any possible village/local team that happened to visit Millerntor, is a Paradox  Sankt Pauli has sweated upon creating  over the last few years. So this Sunday we were not scared. Away match against Braunschweig? Ha….Yeah right. Bring it.


The Boys Are Back!

OK, the title of this initially supposed to be ” Up Yours Dresden!” or something like this to make a good follow up to last week’s “Up Yours EBS!” post but couldn’t find an equally pathetic picture with guys in yellow this week, so this comeback thing sounds really good and actually fits just fine to the Boys in Brown who managed to have…an easy afternoon (ffs! 🙂 ) vs Dynamo, blew them easily away with 2-0 and let everybody know that nothing is over until it’s over and we’re back for business here 🙂


Up yours EBS!!!


Just look at their sorry asses! This is how defeat looks like! Of course somone could aptly observe that this look reminds us the look of the Boys in Brown after full time during the majority of the season so far but this is not the issue here 😀 The issue here is that the (already considered doomed by almost anybody except us, the fans) Boys in Brown made a first class funeral for the ambitious and always disgusting Braunschweig, precipitating these bastards from the top and taking the breath of air that we were so hardly gasping for! Priceless victory, priceless trip, remains only to be seen if squad has more like this in store 🙂



Having got lazy with the blog for a while and with AndyChristos (all the others are lazy bastards but this is not new 😀 ) handling the opening section of the season, this looked like an excellent opportunity to get back in action, so a few minutes before kickoff, I said to him “Hey man, leave the match report to me, will be fun doing one, been a while”. Really??? Here’s your report Greg, you idiot, now start writing ^^




Hell yeah! The Brown White gang, even with a little help from Gikiewicz and a slight push of luck, punished our repulsive opponents for being the shame-of-a-club they are ( 😀 ) and remains alive on the promotion chase, hunting FCN and waiting for our chance to regain the promotion play off spot in the table. And, to tie up some loose ends, the 40pt safety barrier has been broken 🙂


Sankt Pauli is for real. Come get some!

Election day today and we just couldn’t care less. Today’s events start and stop at the game. All the others are just fillers in a day of Sankt Pauli. A little of this , a little of that, and here we are again at our joint (Soridon café/bar), for chit-chat and Sankt Pauli.