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Not what we expected and yet…We had it coming!

We should be discussing right now bout how our team defeated Darmstadt and bout the next game and so on…But what we know better. It’s Sankt Pauli we’re talking here…Able to destroy the best and lose from the weakest. Darmstadt was second last in the ranks and yet…we couldn’t find a way to their nets. Instead….they did and left Millerntor with the three points of victory….Oh well. With the Choreo, supporting the Kurdish people in Rojava, standing proud in Millerntor and with the inner cleansing that took place (Good Riddance Cenk Sahin….no place for nationalist scum here)….i’d say that one didn’t hurt so much!


Welcome ba…EAT THIS!

Back in business for 2019 but not in the best possible way. Neither luck nor the unbelievable incompetence of the assistant referee were able to save us yesterday against Darmstadt. Imagine a match where you manage to stay ahead until the closing 10′, you eventually lose it and everybody reacts like you were trailing from the beginning. That’s the story of yesterday’s 2-1, read on 😎


This is Millerntor you fuckerzzz!!!

Ok what’s better than the situation as it is now? And I mean now. The view at the table shows clearly Sankt Pauli in the first place and Hamburg in the last. We can officially end the season now. Bahahaha…Ok let’s cut the crap.  A big meeting at Soridon as usual yesterday with the boys from The Athen Klub being there with us supporting with their vibe (Vasilis – the teacher feeding us potato chips with a special hot sauce to lift up our spirit) and all of us together witnessed another Match day of Sankt Pauli dominating their opponent inside Millerntor this time. Read below.


Can’t beat a lucky muthafacka…(Sankt Pauli vs Fernandes 0-7!!!!)

Damn that was a long break. Or mostly felt as such. Anyway. The previous success against made it feel like we got something here. Bollocks. The curse of a home game still hasn’t left Millerntor. I mean…If you can’t win in your own field…You got problem.


For fucks sake! The sequel

source: © Witters

Week ended almost the exact same way it started. In pain. The only elements that were missing it were the ones of surprise (because of the situation of course and not because of the squad good performance) and suspense. This time things went according to common sense, we lost again fair and square (this time to a theoretically superior squad) and who knows what’s coming up next week…


Finally home 🙂

The sweetest defeat we can recall from the last years… The boys in Brown went to Darmstadt to play for all or nothing vs local SV Darmstadt 98 (the pleasant surprise of the season) which needed desperately the win in order to achieve something that nobody expected at the beginning of the season: direct promotion to the Bundesliga at their first season in Liga 2, after 33 years…In the end, the Boys in Brown lost the match in the details but this, in combination with the other results, turned into a double celebration after the full time whistle (and a lot of agony) with them celebrating promotion and us celebrating salvation. This must have been an incredible Sonderzug return trip… 🙂




Fucked up on 86′, after a non-game from which, the way it shaped up, we should at least leave with a draw… This sums up the overall picture of the 0-1 Darmstadt defeat, another step back following a step forward (usual story for this season’s FCSP), winter-break boxing week didn’t start on the best possible way, thankfully this report expected somehow short…