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A tie for starters – Not Bad!

It has begun yo! The bets are on. Speculations’n’all  coming and going but mostly, this excitement before every match day, was sooo missed. The heavy clouds surrounding the game after our head coach’s recent statements (we’ll get to that later) kind of crippled the fun of it all as it got us thinking. We managed though to make it work especially after the good result (c’mon man…a tie for the opening game is considered good!) and the cake that followed. Read below!



Mediocre but still better than shit…

And of course no one expected anything more. After a barrage of bad results and the team literally looking like shit, Kauczinski was sacked and Luhukay took over. New coach only 6 games before the season finale. Some say it was a dum move, others said that it was about time, but most (myself included) still believe that there’s a lot more behind it than what we actually know. Anyway, the team had a home game this Sunday so we all gathered under a cloudy Spring Sunday midday more curious than ever to see how this would evolve.


Our Game!

Yeh! That’s right. Our fuckin game. From the beginning to the end it was Sankt Pauli all the way.  I guess though that in such games , the law of football is strict even for the ones who deserve 3 points 100%. Miss the obvious and thy shall receive. That’s how it goes. Arminia was nowhere in the field and yet they got one point. Bollocks.   Soridon once again after two weeks of my sorry ass not being able to make it.  Game started!