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Attack of the mad pirates

source: © Witters

Back in business after the winter break in pure style, Fuckin’ Hell (especially for Dynamo 😀 ). A really smart and focused (alright, most of the time) FC Sankt Pauli had an excellent and easier than expected (at least by us) evening, inside an anything but friendly environment (anyone who has visited DDV Stadion even once knows ^^) and forced the yellow terrace mob to boo their squad and start leaving long before the final whistle. Too early to start jumping into conclusions about Kauczinski‘s new squad and stuff but certain promises were given in the pitch yesterday evening 🙂




Hell of a night. Hell of a night man I tell ya!!! Soridon was more packed than ever for this second match day, and not only for our beloved brown white addiction. Everyone would watch the game anyway and everyone is always there 100%. What was special about today was the fact that Uncle Zouzounos (Greg) is moving to Leeds in England (Goodluck with that to the boys in Yorkshire…ha ha ha) so this was the last game we would watch together for the next two years. South End Scum and Athen Klub joined forces for a massive aura of positive energy. The best foreplay I’d say for a Sankt Pauli Match day


Dangerous downhill


The previous night tsipouro drinking session didn’t help at all. That was for sure. Eyes closed and all of a sudden phone rings and the voice of Saint John: Hey fucker. Get up! Subway down through the stations and then hitting surface with the fucking hot sun burning my bald scull. The only thing that could work in favor, would be the sight of Sankt Pauli crushing Dresden scum. All hopes where with that. Once again Soridon was packed with SouthEndScum and the positive energy was swarming through us all. Sankt Pauli showed a really decisive face in the first round of DFB Pokal punishing the fuckers from Lübeck and we all thought that this was a nice point to turn the page in the season. Nooot!!!


Dy dy dy dy dy dy dy dyyy

Na na na na na na na naaaa

Mo mo mo mo mo mo mo mooo

Scheeeeiß Dynamoooo!!!

Ha ha haaaaaaa!!! The Boys in Brown finally emerged from the Winterbreak Slumber and managed to a) take 3 points that maybe proven along the way priceless, considering the crazy outcome of the championship so far, b) push Dynamo one step closer to the verge of Liga 3 Hell and c) turn the trip to Dresden into an experience that the Scum correspondant will remember (smiling) for a long looong time 🙂



THE BOYS IN BROWN blew away Dynamo Dresden on Monday evening thanks to a Sebastian Maier free kick killer, managed to get some 28000 people up on their bloody feet for sometime after the final whistle (hhhhmmm, maybe except the HT people, always in a hurry for some reason 🙂 ) and added some new pages to the Scum Golden FCSP Book Of Memories! Still, the way to victory was anything but easy but probably this was exactly what gave it such a sweet taste in the end 🙂


Dynamo Dresden vs the DOM Defense…


It’s not about the defeat… last month we collected four at Berlin and everything was OK – squad tried it’s best, just couldn’t make it and everybody somehow satisfied… but, having the chance to sink Dynamo Dresden into the Abyss of Liga 3, being 2 goals ahead and then just throw everything in the bucket, it’s a completely different story… This was sooo fucked up…


Just like good old times 🙂

Boys in brown with the Totenkopf after the 3rd (source:

Seems that we actually have a new team and coach after all… Second consecutive good game, AT LAST 3 points, no high class football this time but tremendous effectiveness and most of all a “never give up” attitude that turned the game upside down and reminded me my very first (and very emotional) Friday evening in Millerntor, some years ago, with a tremendous turnaround 3-2 from 0-2 vs fuckin’ Hansa Rostock, back at a time when Fin Bartels was still wearing the (horrible!) white and blue outfit 🙂