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Lost for Words!!!

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It is obvious that the second part of the season hasn’t started as fierce as the first one ended. Bad results and  bad calls in general, defensive and offensive, have led us to yet another defeat in this second round. This time against Erzgebirge Aue who has been our demon needing to be exorcised. 13 games since 2011 and only one victory. The aura was there, the vibes were there but this was just not good enough even though we had an early opener. Didn’t happen this time. Read below…



Eat this!


Wooohooo! Impressive victory on Friday evening for the Boys In Brown over both Erzgebirge Aue and the indescribable Wolfgang Stark (this guy is going to Brazil on Summer!!!), the first ever at their own ground, with a comfortable 0-2 and an equally impressive climbing to 4th (!!!) place upon completion of the 1st round!