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Let’s use our brain for a change, shall we?

Unacceptable. As simple as that. You can’t beat a team like Frontzeck’s (yeh, yeh….remember that “gentleman”?) Kaiserslautern, you’re no good yourself. We were definitely better in every aspect. But that just won’t cut it! Defensively we suck big time, but that is not our only problem. Analysis to it though later. For now, just read below and witness how our beloved Sankt Pauli managed to lose the 3-pointer from this game…


The Millerntor affair…

Some say that it’s about the lost aura of Millerntor, some others say that it’s more relevant with the quality (virtues/weaknesses) of this team, a team actually being capable more of “stealing” (in the good sense) games instead of winning them. Whichever is right, one thing is certain, at least according to what the facts (with last of them yesterday’s result) suggest. If the board really cares about promotion (we don’t really 😀 ), better find an excuse to close Millerntor and send the team playing around Germany. Let’s see what happened yesterday…


Finally home 🙂

The struggle for survival came yesterday evening finally to an end… The Boys in Brown closed the subject in true style, prevailing fair and square 1-2 over FCK, achieving their 5th consecutive win and climbing temporarily to… 7th place (FFS!). Big evening for Ewald’s insane brigade, proving that we should never been in such shit in the first place but giving us at the same time the luxury to sit back and relax (figure of speech, of course ^^) 2 weeks before the end and maybe start dealing with some of the interesting things currently happening in the big league above 😉


At least, November is over…


Yesterday’s goalless draw at Millerntor is perhaps no reason for any kind of celebration, nevertheless could finally mean a stop to the endless and slippery November brown white downhill. The goal may still be considered more rare for FCSP than sex for a person lying in a hospital bed but, hey!, we finally have our first clean sheet of the season, just two turns before the end of the first round and, moreover, this was a match where the numbers show a brown wite supremcy in the game after a long long time… Has our time come at last? Remains to be seen…


Order Restored

We needed this one. After two bad results, we needed something to lift our spirits from the bottom of the barrel. And the timing was perfect. Almost all of the Scum gathered for this one, along with our honored guests from the Athens Club. A big pack of positive energy summed for it, and under this banner, the match started with victory being the only result my tiny mind could fit.



An incredibly gutsy FCSP managed to do the almost inconceivable yesterday, managing to take a completely unexpected victory that could secure us the league, inside one of the historically most “inhospitable” grounds for us, against one of the strongest teams in the league who were playing by the way for their direct promotion to Bundesliga. The final conclusion of this survival battle is still anything but certain but, no matter how this ends up, this was one of the days that will be remembered, thank you Ewald Lienen, thank you Robin Himmelmann, thank you Jan-Philipp Kalla, thank you all you Boys in Brown 🙂


Hard times…


The fact that it wasn’t unexpected doesn’t make it much easier… The boys in brown, despite the efforts made during the 2nd half, subjugated more or less easily to FCK and now we’re sitting all alone at the bottom of the Liga 2 table. The only problem is that the bottom of the league is not the absolute bottom…right below there’s a lid that, if opened, leads directly to the lower floor… It’s a little like war…Older ones know how it is, we are only been told but there’s one thing for sure – we don’t want to live one to know how is it like…