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First game after a looong time and it was exactly NOT what we expected. The virus and the quarantine had a drastic effect on all teams causing them to lose any momentum created. Despite the three points won today, it looks like we got it worse!


Half Empty or Half Full?

This is the dilemma someone would face after seeing the game. Should we be pleased for seeing Sankt Pauli play with passion after all or should we be troubled for seeing Sankt Pauli unable to create a proper offensive or even score in the most obvious occassions? A game full of moments for Sankt Pauli. Definitely not to get bored with. On the contrary. Kept our eye fixed almost every moment of it. But on the same time our problems as a team became more obvious in this match day. A thousand opportunities before the opponent nets and only one ended in. This means a lot. Monday night and Soridon packed with Scum. Positive energy was with the team no doubt. We had to get at least one point tonight.




Ok this is difficult. So used in the new Sankt Pauli, it feels kind of hard to swallow the latest results. And if the 2-0 against München was a hard one, the 0-4 against FCN is intolerable. And this was inside Millerntor damn it. Hands down. Witnessing your beloved SP getting humiliated by a team down low in the ranks is a really tough sight to watch. Even if this happens in your own joint, amongst beers and friends. The excitement gave its place to anger and then silence in split seconds. Read below…


Still alive!

I personally don’t believe in miracles as I consider them nothing more than weapons in the arsenals of the various religious shops around, all of them on the quest for our belief and cash. However, IF I wasn’t such an irreligious bastard and had watched yesterday’s game approaching his closing stages, praying for a miracle, I think that I would end up in bed late yesterday with the pink thought that “yes, god finally really exists!” 😀 Extremely significant victory for FCSP, thanks to a last moment, out of nowhere, diving header by Sobiech, keeping us alive in the race for survival, however don’t start screaming “Hallelujah” yet brothers and sisters, still a long and hard way to salvation…


A small step is still a step

Ackkk!!! FCSP had a fistful of chances to leave the game victorious and with 3 extremely valuable points in their baggages, the Boys in Brown didn’t grab them and finally got punished by FC Nürnberg for it, leaving Grundig Stadion not empty handed but still with much less than the progress of the match allowed them (and us) to expect. Still, this was a much much better spectacle than last week’s tragedy and Tuesday’s submission, these boys showed that deserve more than the danger zone…which actually is the exact place that we’re currently at (17th place) after today’s results…