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Like a lie 🙂

AndyChristos’ words, moments after Verhoek’s closing goal makes the perfect header title for this one. Yes, after all we have been through all this season, watching our beloved brown white crew easily prevailing with 3 goals over ANY opponent (the Annual Bierhaus Summer Massacres DON’T count) seemed almost unreal. Easy (!) day for FCSP, comfortable 3-0 win over Union Berlin and a real deep breath this time for everyone carrying the FCSP virus in his (her) blood 🙂


A good omen for a new era 🙂


Coach Meggle’s debut was expected even from the morning with extreme anticipation not because anybody cared to extract an conclusion from his work so far ( 😀 ) but  as a good chance for a “welcome” and a chance for him to get used to the awkward feeling of sitting for the first time at the FCSP bench as a head coach. Thankfully, our host Bayer Leverkusen didn’t spoil the occasion by loading us with more goals that we could carry in our baggages on the way home, the Boys in Brown managed somehow to make us feel good (especially during the 2nd half) and at the end, everybody went home happy. This of course can’t be evaluated very seriously as a result but still seems like the best possible welcome present to the coach 🙂