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Fair and Square…

Tough game this one. Nürnberg seriously didn’t expect us to be such a pain in the ass. Leading the score and almost taking the game is definitely something they did not see coming. The truth is we’re on the fast track now and we are not allowed to let that momentum go. The game I’d say was kind of split between the two so a draw is the most fair it could get.


Not bad, not bad at all

source: © Witters

Once more without a victory in Millerntor but this time was different. Having thrown in the bin already a significant amount of points, a victory over FCN who has set already one foot in the Bundesliga and scores almost always and everywhere, would be something slightly exceeding expectations. We didn’t won but we made the something extra required by stopping them and creating at the same time the opportunities to actually win this. Are we happy? Hell, we are 🙂


Hurt but still dangerous!

Monday night game is always hard damn it. The working schedule is so tight that usually makes it impossible. This Monday though everything worked and here we are marching to Soridon for the usual. Beer and Sankt Pauli. Damn it can it get any better?


Ooo  yeah baby…

Friday evening and Scum starts gathering at Soridon. The winning streak stopped after a defeat and a tie and everyone wanted to see our beloved Sankt Pauli back to winning games.  It was Nürnberg’s  time to fall under our blade. High hopes and looks like the planets aligned for this one.


Half Empty or Half Full?

This is the dilemma someone would face after seeing the game. Should we be pleased for seeing Sankt Pauli play with passion after all or should we be troubled for seeing Sankt Pauli unable to create a proper offensive or even score in the most obvious occassions? A game full of moments for Sankt Pauli. Definitely not to get bored with. On the contrary. Kept our eye fixed almost every moment of it. But on the same time our problems as a team became more obvious in this match day. A thousand opportunities before the opponent nets and only one ended in. This means a lot. Monday night and Soridon packed with Scum. Positive energy was with the team no doubt. We had to get at least one point tonight.


No Harm Done

Ok seriously it is all about the fun of it now. We got nothing to lose and mathematically we’re far from any 1st league pursuit. So why not enjoy the game, drink beers and expect nothing more than a game filled with Sankt Pauli? Yep. Sounds like a plan!




Ok this is difficult. So used in the new Sankt Pauli, it feels kind of hard to swallow the latest results. And if the 2-0 against München was a hard one, the 0-4 against FCN is intolerable. And this was inside Millerntor damn it. Hands down. Witnessing your beloved SP getting humiliated by a team down low in the ranks is a really tough sight to watch. Even if this happens in your own joint, amongst beers and friends. The excitement gave its place to anger and then silence in split seconds. Read below…