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Still cleaning the shit out of the seats.


How can I even describe this? Sankt Pauli lost eventually but seriously who gives a fuck? We gave all kinds of nightmare to a game Freiburg originally thought to be a walk in the park. Scum gathered along with friends from the Athens Club in Soridon café for another glorious SP adventure, with my stupid ass being certain of our victory (we’ve slain all the beasts of the second league after all), and Uncle Zouzounos being satisfied with a modest and humble 2-0 loss. Well SP somehow proved us both wrong but happy with the result.


Killers on the loose!

Last minute system modifications can be a reason for anxiety and tension especially when things don’t work out the way you expect them to, and the game is about to start any minute. Things were supposed to be set properly but a little bit of this, a little bit of that gave us a sense of uncertainty as far as the game start was concerned. Luckily all problems in transmission got fixed in time and most of the  Scum, joined forces once again in our joint waiting to see SP crushing Freiburg. Popi brought her special aura to the game and of course Ntina who barely made it but still got the point!