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Whateva 😎

The season that after March everybody was in such a hurry to get rid of is finally over. The Boys in Brown closed the season with another defeat (no surprise), verifying in the most emphatic way the downhill that Kauczinski‘s departure and Luhukay‘s arrival were unable to stop. Football was not so bad overall (at least until 61’) but the way the match was lost as well as the fact itself do not leave a lot of space for satisfaction. No problem of course for the Brown White Sonderzug mob on the terraces, singing “Que sera sera” along with other smashing hits and enjoying the trip in general, instead of bothering about the destination. Makes sense, after all, we are FCSP 😎



End of round 1 with 31 😎

This will be a carefree 2nd round. FCSP completed the 1st on Saturday with a 2-0 victory over Greuther Fürth, reached 31 points (only 9 away from the magic 40 😆), guaranteeing us a remaining season free of high pressure pills, visits to the doctors and all weird stuff that happens when you’re flirting with disaster. The Boys in Brown did actually better than that. Seems that somehow we’re serious promotion play-off candidates, sharing the nomination with Union, 4 pts ahead of the remaining competition. No idea what will happen during the 2nd round but screw the future, these will be a fine Winter break 😎


Back on track

It was worth the wait. Almost two months of waiting and the first thing you see is Sankt Pauli crushing poor Greuther Fürth who seemed desperate. Soridon was ready and we were ready. The technical problems of course before the game start were there just to keep the tradition that wants our balls busted before each game true. Something wrong with the sound and (the worse) the decoder needed a new verification (late edit: thanks Thomas and Nadine, right people, at the right place, at the right time 😀 ) due to the long time of inactivity but who cares. Everything solved (commentary sound got fixed on the second half), and SP reigned.




A typical Sunday afternoon starts with us hanging at Soridon waiting for Sankt Pauli to swipe away the fools that thought they could walk in Millerntor just like that. Most of the S.E.S gang attended, creating a really warm atmosphere. Beers for some, frappe for others and the whistle blew for the first time.



We’ve seen SP take results and not worth it and we’ve seen the exact opposite. So what we can’t say is that we get mistreated by a ref. But the thing is that every match now to us is being looked upon us an ultimatum, and thinking us such, it is outrageous to see SP playing with passion (finally) and  dominating a game, but losing all three points due to a douchebag ref. There is no place for mistakes now and it seems that Ewald Lienen made that clear to the players. But apparently a team needs more than that to win a game. A first half with SP dominating the game, with the ref blowing the action away on our part with a penalty shot given and taken away, with an offside goal against us that never got whistled and many more falls calls that enlisted him to the ones marked as cesspool of bad sportsmanship and professionalism. Scum gathered about 20:30 in Cargo café in Alimos for the usual stuff like watch SP, drink and analyze the modern viewz, thoughts and aspects of a successful decapage (ladies can’t help it!).


The club announced a while ago the, expected more or less, change of shifts in the Brown White bench… Roland Vrabec took his marching steps as result of the horrible squad performance during the opening stages of the season and he already belongs to FCSP History… The task of bringing FCSP back on track has been already undertaken by… Thomas Meggle!!! Yes, now we’re getting hot 🙂


Off you go!

Opening pic

We knew from the start that this was gonna be bad. Vrabec himself declared that the results SP had, made him loose his sleep.We knew that Fürth was a strong team, but for most it was a bet for Vrabec.What we weren’t expecting was a defeat so bad. It is not the 3 goals we suffered. It is the fact that SP never seemed more helpless in a game. SP clearly has a problem. When a team get’s it so bad, and we mean all sectors of a team suffering, then the problem definitely starts from the head. In this case, the coach. But let’s leave assumptions for later. 4 of us gathered on Cargo café in Alimos for the game. A game we weren’t expecting much from, but really hoped for a tie or at worst an honorable defeat. What followed made us look like fools…