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Fair enough

First of all, this shouldn’t be a 0-0, this was adventurous, final result sounds like a slight injustice towards both teams which offered us a quite entertaining afternoon, alright 🙂 To speak brown white, we looked slightly better and had the opprtunity to win the game during the first 3 quarters of the game but the fact that we didn’t leave the field defeated after the last one passed as well makes the draw at least a fair deal 😉



Wake up damn it!!

Saturday and the sun still fuckin shines hot in this land. This could be a good omen right? Wrong. The good omen we were looking for, would be the packed Soridon. Packed with South End Scumsterzzz. The usual suspects and many more gathered in our joint for our weekly appointment . High hopes for the game as we needed all positive energy available. Needed to leave the bad result of the previous game behind anyway. Nooot!!! This game of course was a bit special for other reasons. Our former goalkeeper and flag of Sankt Pauli Philipp Tschauner for some years, plays for Hannover now. A bit unlucky though. Philipp went there for better, as his position was taken by Himmelmann and Hannover was still 1st league by then, but now they are down to the 2nd league. No hard feelings, we still love the guy, as well as our other former Sankt Pauli player, Sebastian Maier, playing for Hannover now.



“Are you tomorrow evening at the second team’s match against hannover?” This was Andre’s message content which caught completely sleeping the lowlife Scum HH patrol (me!) late Tuesday night, something that wouldn’t happen if I just had a quick look on the official webpage the whole day before. Of course, only one possible answer here – Wednesday evening, found me walking towards Hoheluft Stadion, home to SC Victoria Hamburg, for one of the rare opportunities (only twice during the previous years) to watch the next FCSP generation in action and enjoy a, completely different than Millerntor but equally interesting, football experience 😉