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One of these days! 

How could we fuck this up? I mean…this was supposed to be a walk in the park. A simple in and out. How could this go wrong? Obviously we are Sankt Pauli and anything is possible. Capable of winning the best and losing from the worst. Oh well…Sometimes, things happen and others, they just don’t!


First preview


…and of course not really offered for fan conclusions, Too early for anything, squad will start tomorrow Summer preparation, this post is more about signifying the start of the new season (✊🏾) than commenting on a game that not even Millernton would “dare” to do a technical analysis for 😁


Oooh Well!!!

Having secured the stay in the second league and having nothing more to pursuit in the two remaining match days, we can lay back and watch our beloved Sankt Pauli play, having no anxiety about results. Our only goal now is to witness a nice game. Time for Timo to check on new players and tactics and so on. New players in the basic eleven and a new jersey for us leaving no doubt to the ones still having one …” No place for fascism”. Is there anyone that ACTUALLY gives a fuck if we won or lost?


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Hannover was hopeless man. You could see it in their eyes. In the way they moved in the field. Desperate and trying to figure out what hit them. Sankt Pauli violated them in the most gruesome manner. Even the two goals they succeeded early in the second half time wouldn’t do the job. First we took out their bodies and just before the game ended, we took away their souls. Just like Muhammad Ali liked to say…”Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see”!!!


Not the squad’s fault!!!!

When you start the season with the phrase “The coach knows better…” and just before it ends your phrase turns to “Who the fuck is that guy??”……you know your problem. When your team suffers a humiliating defeat and your coach blames the players trying to come out clean (and this is not the first time)……you know your problem!!! It may sound that we’re repeating ourselves here but…did you see the starting eleven? You know where I’m getting with it right? No my friends this is no bad game of the players and this is no bad moment for Sankt Pauli. This is just a team falling apart and fans around the globe almost gouging out their eyeballs for one man’s stubbornness and stupidity…


Red Alert!!!

A tie against Bochum, a 3-1 loss against Aue and this bloody barrage of bad results needed to stop today. The boys in brown though had a different opinion on the matter. One of the most boring games on our behalf against an already boring Hannover. We caused no threat to a team that was no threat themselves. No plan and no spirit on our behalf. Just stupid passing the ball around till the 90 minutes where over. Oh yeah I almost forgot. The goal on 7’ was more than enough for us to lose the game…..