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Millerntor Hell baby!!

Well finally…the healing process started bringing results. We saw it with Stuttgart despite the fact that we lost. It was almost certain that we’d see the effort bare fruit if we carried on to the same route. And it did, against Kiel. Dominating the entire game despite the fact we run outta gas in the end. Two new players (Lawrence from Anderlecht and Penney from Sheffield Wednesday) in the basic 11 and luckily they blended in nice. Read below…


Runnin’ outta gas…

Nope! This is definitely not the team we knew before the H$V game. We were supposed to be making a U-turn to the series of bad results getting us back in track.  The game with Duisburg should have been the one but after the disappointing tie, everyone believed this one would make a difference. Didn’t happen. In fact this one proved, we’re even bigger circus than what we thought we were! Looks like the little black spots we’ve spotted really early in the season, now make their presence known.


Just a tiny scratch!

OK, at the end of the day…nobody died. Great game man. Despite the result which could be considered a bad moment and a bad call, first half was ours and the second was split between the two teams with the luckiest eventually winning the three points. About time we witnessed some football from Sankt Pauli. Ball to the ground and direct passes creating opportunities through the entire game. With a bit more luck the result could be much, much different. As Uncle Zouz stated though, in our after game Skype-chat: “I’d rather lose 3 points now , being 4th in the ranks rather than in relegation zone”


Oooooh Yesh!!!

Now…who would have thought? Couple of weeks ago we were nagging about how Sankt Pauli was a sinking ship and so on, thinking of the outcome of the following games as they were supposed to be the hard ones and then…Sankt Pauli just proved everyone wrong by taking the giants down one at a time. Kiel entered Millerntor this time thinking that winning the three points would be an easy job. Right? Right??? Well, what they didn’t think about was their way back to Kiel with a sore ass.


DID Sankt Pauli!

source: © Witters

This is insane… The squad who made a first class clown of themselves on Saturday went to Holstein Stadion to play the table leaders Holstein Kiel and, with smart play and focus for 90′, managed to tear them down from the top! This is the attitude, this is the squad we want to see, the only problem is that this sequence of events simply doesn’t make sense 🙂