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Hamburg is Brown White!

Are there any doubts out there? Anyone has a different opinion? No? Yeah that’s what I thought. H$V scum can crawl back to their little tiny fascist holes after that. Hoooly shit man….Hamfucks have been defeated not only once….but twice in a year…How about that? Hamburg is brown white you fuckers…Get that through your sculls. No need for a match report. It all sums up to this. Sankt Pauli entered Volksparkstadion, gave Hamburg an old school Muhammad Ali ass woopin, and then out for beers.




This is the aftertaste of such a trip. On one hand you have the friends, the shots, the beers and all the atmosphere you get when visiting Sankt Pauli and on the other you have all the shit that took place in the field being a big black stain to the entire trip.


Still the City Boss

…and in case somebody has any doubts, a look at their faces after full time whistle tells the whole story. FCSP got a draw and had the chances even to win the match in the end, in a game clearly less intense than the last one in there. Yeah, numbers say 72-28 possession for H$V but this superiority not only didn’t convert to real stress for us but we almost robbed the house in the end. Once more undefeated, once more clean sheet at Volksparkstadion, now you big (Dino) birds come over to Millerntor ^^