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Ok. Noone…No let me say that better. NOONE would expect something like this.   Monday night is always a hard one, but this particular Monday everything worked in favor. Everyone was there. Soridon packed (same situation at Locomotiva, red line on all along the game) and everyone waited for the win. But this? Fuck man…Still can’t believe it. First whistle of the game sounded and the rest follows below. Biiiig breath and off we go.


Fair enough!

Fucking sun in Greece won’t let it go, even now that we are close to the end of September. I tell you one thing. Going uphill from subway station to Soridon mid day when the sun is burning everything, needs good motivation. And yes, I had a really good one. Sankt Pauli against Karlsruher SC after the big turn. Warm atmosphere, cold beer, and a super oily souvlaki for lunch during half time. Can’t beat that!



Ack! Unexpected slap in the back of the neck yesterday evening with the Boys in Brown losing 1-2 at home to Karlsruher SC, in a game that we were all along the dominant squad but our opponents, being more focused and smarter than us in the pitch, managed to steal, leaving victorious from Millerntor and leaving Ewald Lienen at the press conference complaining (justifiably maybe) about the referee. Not the best way to end 2015, let’s get over the details a little…


Like a pro…

With a really bad signal leading to an extremely terrible streaming session, the only hope for a proper view of the game without any noticeable come and goes and frame freezes was, to leave the comfort of the air conditioned room in Kefallonia island where I was currently on antichristian vacation and horrendous pig grilling sessions along with Gerasimos and the boys from TheAnalTreatmentXxxperience, and head on to the balcony where everything was boiling. No shit. Didn’t matter anyways. Once the laptop stood over by the balcony, the signal became pretty decent and the heat was suddenly of no importance. Eyes on the game.


What’s done is done. Choke on it and move on!

Forgetting your cell phone, realizing it while your train is arriving and having to go back home to pick it up and wait for the next train, makes you lose the first 3-4 minutes of the game. And under other circumstances that could be as important as tits on a bull. But this time it was different. Cargo café was the host for this game, and most of the Scum were there to bring their aura to this difficult match. But this just wasn’t enough. Even the kiddo…little Thanos (1-2 year old grandson of Cargo owner mr Panagiotis), which usually is our lucky charm when facing hard obstacles, couldn’t  turn the page here.


Like a lie II (the other way around…)


FCSP crucified (term “inspired” from Hennings’ religious gesture above, after scoring the 2nd) at Millerntor yesterday…0-4 (fuck man, 0-4!!!) defeat vs Karlsruher SC and, in a bizarre way, this seems almost like the feeling two weeks ago, it feels like a lie or an illusion, the only difference is that we faced a complete different (and grim) reality this time…


Nevermind 🙂

A quite unpleasant surprise for the Boys in Brown on Friday evening and a more or less fair-and-square 0-2 submission to Karslruher SC of the old friend Rouwen Hennings (YNWA), despite the fact that FCSP was the only squad in the pitch for the most of the game (!). The worst possible closing before the winter break but still, a little the celebrating atmosphere, a little the COLOSSAL BIRTHDAY BOY BENE PLIQUETT who returned home, even for a while, yesterday, a little the hard effort (doesn’t go always along with performance) of the squad regardless the bitter result that made the “YNWA” chant after full time seeming like a logical consequence, all together left a, far more than supposed to, sweet taste in the end. Happy holidays squad, happy holidays COACH 🙂