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No complaints

Reality check yesterday evening for the Boys in Brown. In front of 50.000 people (5.000 brown white) Köln made it look easy for them in the 2nd half, showing that they are at least one level above us overall, however we fought passionately, we never quit the game and we showed everyone that we didn’t go there only for the sake of the trip. Unfortunately, sometimes these are not enough, especially when you’re not in the top shape that you were supposed to be. No complaints overall, Boys in Brown play on, the rest read on.



Second match in a row that we suffer a staggering loss. The previous week was Union with a humiliating 4-1 in their field and now Köln, inside Millerntor, manages to leave with 3 points leaving us with a devastating 3-5 to work with. First assumptions would make every sense to be irrational, hasty and loud but before we start barking against everyone like a pack of rabid dogs, let’s read below what happened, cool down and walk into conclusions later.


A train full of FCSP magic 🙂


After being an entire month in Hamburg on February/March and following FCSP everywhere the brown white squad travelled (a lifetime experience overall) I was quite sure that I had already seen what was there for me to be seen this season and my first ever Sonderzug was looking more like a way to somehow recall this incredible month and say goodbye to all good friends for this season. Couldn’t be more wrong (why not surprised?) here… the 15-wagon dinosaur proved to be one of the finest experiences I ever had with FCSP and all these days in general an invaluable entry in the FCSP memory book 🙂 About the game? We should limit as long as possible references to match and football here – it would really spoil a good report…


Oooh shit…

The “what the fuck?” look on Seb Schachten’s face is quite indicative. FCSP ended up losing big yesterday to FC Köln after a game that almost nothing worked for us… 0-3 but no hard words for the Boys in Brown – just the sense of irony when Luck, that has stood by your side a good number of times so far in the season, suddenly changes sides and starts laughing at you 🙂


Passion, will, fighting spirit and no brains at all…

A game so badly needed and such a painful loss… For 90 minutes, the Boys in Brown, already behind from the beginning and outnumbered in the field, gave everything they had and made the opponent looking like a small team at the pitch towards the end of the game but the only one we have to “blame” for the defeat is ourselves…