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Taurine is good, Soul is better 😉

This Lienen bunch is intending to drive all of us fuckin’ crazy! The same squad that managed last season to save the league at the very last moment, minus some key players, is moving like a Locomotive, sweeping so far almost everything in its way. Latest victim, the corporate energy drink troupe from Leipzig from whom we managed to steal the priceless (and doubtful before the game) 3 points, with smart play after the opening stage of the game and big amounts of will and passion all along. Too early to go mental but not too early to feel good 🙂


What the F… is going on???


 Yeah…So…what’s up there? All good? Yeah …thought so…Cos you know here things suck a bit. Well actually things suck a lot. Yes I know. We are Sankt Pauli maaan. We don’t give a fuck about results maaan. SP means a lot more than football maaan. Well fuck me bros…I know all that. We all know that. So I think I’ll skip the part where I brag about how we don’t care about shit and star from the part where we say that THIS MATCHDAY SUCKED!!!! WE SUCKED!!! It is not the fact that we lost. Losing is one thing. But this???? Come on man. This??? Hands down, pants down and going in with our asses exposed and waiting? No no no…No sir. This won’t go easy!