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While last match report of the season was getting slooowly finished (still some media missing, will be up sometime 😉 ), the news on social media regarding a special press conference at Millerntor broke out. Shit, already some “suspicions” had risen from Sunday (there was also a post on Liga-Zwei already from May 18th that we chose not to reproduce it…) but this was going to fast… Fortunately, the final outcome was slightly different than the one I initially feared…



Promising start for Ewald Lienen (don’t ask why he’s wearing a cap looking like…Azzouzi’s in the picture, we don’t know 🙂 ) on the FCSP bench. Honorable defeat from the absolute favorite and already with the one foot in Bundesliga, FC Ingolstadt 04 after a game in which we stood as equals and played the very best that this squad is currently capable of. Nevertheless, success didn’t come and with 13 pts after 18 games, Coach and squad have a mountain to climb and lots of luck will be needed here and, judging by FCI’s opening goal, Lady Luck is not only not with us but she’s not even fair towards FCSP… So, welcome once more Herr Lienen and good luck to you and the boys in brown, starting from Saturday!


Azzouzi out, Meggle Sports Director, Ewald Lienen in!


Sudden development tsunami in Hamburg! Yes, you heard right: Rachid Azzouzi has been released from his duties, Thomas Meggle has been promoted to Sports Director and…Ewald Lienen is the new Head Coach of FCSP! This not just a surprise, this is like the entire Sankt Pauli Cosmos is turning upside down! The only thing sure is that we have a brand new ball game and looks like that there are no intermediate scenarios this time, this is Death or Glory…